Dena was great. I have no clue how she had the patience to deal with us. We probably wrote each other 100-150 e-mails. We were freaking out at some point because one of the places we wanted to rent fell through (through no fault of Dena’s) and the Toronto rental market was so stressful that I even wrote her a completely irrational e-mail saying that we will start looking by ourselves and we don’t need her services (which we instantly regretted). She was really nice and just laughed it off and within a few days we found a dream place. You know, the kind of place that when you tell your friends about it they go: you pay what?! Anyway, the thing with Dena is that she is super patient, she responds extremely fast (she responded to my e-mails from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. basically. During the day, the response is instant.). She has good advice and gave us access to a ton (actually, all) the listings on the MLS for us to browse at our discretion. Bottom line is: even though renting in Toronto is a bit of a roller coaster, but 10/10 would do this again with Dena. Will definitely contact her again for any real estate transactions I will do in the future.

Client Name: Andrei M. | Client Type: Tenant | Agent(s) Worked With: Dena