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Realtor rantI’d like to apologize to the Seller of that wicked loft that is for sale on King Street. You see, I have a Buyer for it, and when I showed up to see it tonight, your lockbox was open, but the key was missing. I waited for 45 minutes outside your building to see it – it was top of my Buyer’s list.

But here’s the thing: your Realtor doesn’t publicize his cell phone number. I don’t know why – he’s in a MOBILE business and he’s in SALES. He also doesn’t have an answering service like all the other brokerages, so when I tried to have him paged through his office, I got an ANSWERING MACHINE. I didn’t even know those still existed.  So while I wanted desperately to get in to see your place, I couldn’t.

I’m sorry that my Buyer is moving on to other properties and won’t be putting an offer on your place. I’m sorry that you listed with an agent who seems more concerned with his work-life balance than with selling your place. And I’m sorry that your agent is living in 1980. Agents who don’t embrace technology bother me – I’ve blogged about it before here: Dear RealtorI’m guessing if you knew what was going on, it would bother you too. 

To all the potential Sellers out there – when you’re interviewing real estate agents make sure to ask: Is your convenience more important than me selling my property?


  1. J. Philip Faranda says:

    Good Lord few things vex me more. I have called agents with whom I am working a deal and been told by their front desk that their cell is not given out. If you want privacy get a job with a cubicle and a Friday paycheck.
    BTW, LOVE your tag line.


  2. We had a similar conversation on our commute this morning;
    In my wifes office, there are 16 3 have their real estate license.
    And if a deal falls into their lap they are ready and willing to treat this.

    25 years ago I viewed this as a craft, to hone my sales experience, and help consumers.
    Not it seems to be a part time job.

    Maybe we will become like Florida where more people have a real estate license than there are licensed drivers.

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