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If you’re thinking of selling your home, you may decide to interview several real estate agents. But how do you decide who to choose?

Hopefully, you’re asking our 15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Listing Agent. But then what?

We’ve developed the following Listing Agent Scorecard to help you compare and contrast the real estate agents you’ll meet. While every Seller has different priorities and needs, we’ve included our opinion of weighting of each criteria and how they affect a Seller’s experience and sales price.

REALTOR Education, Experience and Expertise (20%)

  • How long have they been a REALTOR?
  • Do they have another job or do they work full-time in real estate?
  • Do they have any real estate designations? How do they keep current?
  • How many homes have they sold? How many of those are like yours?
  • How well do they know your neighbourhood?
  • What are their performance statistics: how fast do their listings sell and for what % of asking?

PRO TIP: An agent with better-than-average statistics will not only know their stats but be able to easily back them up.

Client Reputation (10%)

  • How many reviews do they have online?
  • What is their reputation with past clients?
  • What is their reputation with their peers?

PRO TIP: Read online reviews and ask for references. An agent who has built a solid reputation won’t want to risk losing that by providing mediocre service. 

Marketing Strategy (20%)

  • How do they market online?
  • Do they use a professional photographer? (ask to see examples)
  • How do they use video?
  • How much traffic does their website receive? What is their social media reach?
  • Do they get floor plans made?
  • What does their print marketing look like? (ask to see samples)

PRO TIP: A well-marketed home sells for more money….and who doesn’t want more money?

Client Service and Communication (20%)

  • What services are included? (eg. cleaning, staging, concierge help, etc.)
  • What is their negotiating style and experience?
  • What kinds of resources and partnerships do they have to help you prepare your home for sale? (handymen, painters, cleaners, etc.)
  • How will they communicate with you and how often?
  • How accessible are they by email/phone/text?

PRO TIP: Remember that your time is worth money.

Real Estate Commission (10%)

  • How much is the commission?
  • What is included in the commission? (e.g. professional photography, staging consultation, home inspection, cleaning, etc.)
  • What will you need to pay for in addition to the commission?

PRO TIP: Consider the commission with respect to how much time and money you’ll need to invest. If someone is offering a lower commission, what services and marketing are they NOT including? Don’t make the newbie mistake of focusing on minimizing costs…remember the big picture: maximizing the sale price. 

The Plan for Your Home (20%)

Remember, this sale is about YOUR home. Make sure to ask:

  • Do you have any advice as to what I should do to get my home ready for sale?
  • When do you think I should list my house? Why?
  • How much do you think my home is worth?
  • What pricing strategy would you recommend?
  • Where will you market my home?
  • Who will you market my home to?
  • Are you working with any buyers right now who might be interested in my home?

PRO TIP: Top REALTORS devise custom plans for every home they sell – they understand the target market and know how to market to them. 

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