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bad real estate marketingI look at a lot of MLS listings and real estate marketing. Here’s what drives me nuts:

  1. If “the pictures don’t do it justice” – hire a photographer.
  2. Just because you call it a loft, that doesn’t mean it is a loft. A traditional condo with 8 foot ceilings in a 30-storey building? Not a loft.
  3. A virtual tour that is just a slideshow of the photos that are on MLS and isn’t interactive. Fail!
  4. And if there is a proper virtual tour? I hate the cheesy music that turns on automatically.
  5. Agent photos on all the marketing. Enough said.
  6. Saying “bigger than it appears”  and not including room measurements? Not helpful.
  7. I hate when the exterior photo of the condo building is an artist rendering – and the condo was built 3 years ago.  If you can’t be bothered to take a photo yourself, at least steal one from Google.
  8. No interior photos. Bad interior photos. Photos that are uploaded sideways to the MLS (and remain that way for a week). Photos taken with a smartphone. Photos that have a date and time stamp.
  9. Spelling errors. Grammatical errors. A SNTNC of made-up ACRNYMS that even I, let alone a non-RLTR, can’t understand.
  10. Feature sheets that “feature”: Comic sans font. Bad layouts. More information about the agent than the house. Black and white photos.

What drives you crazy about real estate marketing? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. All you listed and when there are no pictures, no measurements, not even a decent description. I found out later, that the seller doesn’t have a cell phone, so I assume he doesn’t have a computer and not using the Internet. A shame on a listing agent!

  2. Rob Sutherland says:

    Agents with @hotmail.com, @gmail.com or even worse @trebnet.com. Is it really that hard to NOT use a free email to do business with? You look like a cutting edge Agent, circa 1993…

    $25 a year and you have an online email server through godaddy or someone else with a domain you own that provides a little substance, polish and stops people from thinking you’re a fly-by-night or an old fogey that doesn’t understand this new fangled interweb thing.

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