— We take our content seriously. This article was written by a real person at BREL.

When it comes to selling our clients’ homes, the BREL team’s business model is based on an all-inclusive price – we know what it takes to sell your house or condo, and we won’t take any shortcuts to get you the best price. We pay for a lot of stuff that most agents don’t pay for because we know how important it all is to the final sale price.

We’re sometimes asked to eliminate some of our services in order to reduce our commission…but here’s the thing: the home prep, staging and marketing we do IS the reason the properties we list sell for the prices that they do. Sure, we could go the easy route (trust me, many agents do), but the tradeoff – being on the market longer and getting a lower price – seems awfully risky.

I saw this video last week and couldn’t help but think of how similar it is to how some Sellers hire their real estate agent. Would you pick your dentist this way? 


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