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We’re excited to share the first blog in our new series ‘Outsource Your Life, BREL-Style’.

If you look at your epic to-do list and think “who has time for this sh*t?” then you’re not alone. But there’s hope. Here at the BREL team, we firmly believe in doing what you’re good at (or really like) and outsourcing the rest. In Toronto, there are so many things you can pay to “make go away”. Here are our top (and sometimes unexpected) ways you can outsource your life this spring season and cross dreaded some post-winter tasks off your to-do list.

The No-Brainer Things To Outsource

Window Cleaning

Having sparkly clean windows in spring makes a massive difference to your home. But it’s a pain in the butt. This year, you don’t need to skip it, and you absolutely don’t need to do yourself. We love College Pro Window Cleaners.

Spring Yard Cleanup and Gardening

Unless your yearbook voted you “most likely to grow the blue ribbon pumpkin”, you can outsource spring yard prep and gardening without an ounce of guilt. Whether you need a little cleanup or a lawn and garden wizard, there’s someone to help. We love Antonio and his gardening crew at Toronto Pro Services.

Handyman Services

Tired of looking at that artwork piled in a corner, Ikea furniture still in the box and damage from that little leak when you didn’t clean the gutters? There’s an app for that. If you’ve been avoiding bringing in a handyman to help with all the little jobs that accumulated over the winter, download Jiffy or TaskRabbit and you can schedule someone to come and get it done – sometimes even the same day. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Next-Level Outsourcing 

BBQ Cleaning

If you looked under the cover and wondered if your BBQ was still safe to cook on, or even if you want to see your grill shine like new, there’s a service that will come and clean your Q. Bonus: you don’t even need to be home. We love the folks at Barbeque Pro.

Propane Delivery

While you’re at it ^^, you can also schedule a service that will deliver propane for your BBQ, right to your Toronto backyard.  Say goodbye to Uber-ing to buy propane and lugging those awkward tanks around. Visit BBQ Gas Guys for details.

Poop Pickup

There’s nothing that strikes fear in a dog owner’s heart than watching the snow melt, and knowing you need to get out there and pick up all the little packages Fido left over the winter. Not anymore! Outsource your poop pickup, and this team will have your backyard ready for spring in no time. Check out Poop Patrol and Scooperman for all your dog poop cleaning needs.

Free-As-a-Bird Outsourcing 

Vegetable Garden Growers

Want to grow food in your backyard, without having to deal with the seeds and the setup? You’re in luck. There are companies that will design, build and maintain an organic vegetable garden in your very own yard. There’s even a “just add water” program that takes care of everything but the water – and the harvesting of course. Check out At Home Organics Farm here.

Mobile Bike Repair

Mobile bike repair services take spring bicycle tune-up to new levels, saving you the trip to your local bike shop. They’ll come to your home, tune-up or repair your bike, then ride off into the sunset. Check out Velofix and Matteos Bike Repair.


Take your grill game to the next level with quality, locally-sourced and affordable meat delivered right to your home. They save you the trip to local farms and farmer’s markets and bring the best quality meats home to their customers. Check out Meat Me In the Junction.









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