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Last week, we moved into our new staging warehouse on Evans Avenue. With 3,000 sqft of space and 20-foot ceilings, it’s got plenty of room for all our furniture, art and accessories. Here’s a peek inside before and during the move!

BREL Team staging warehouse

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  1. Michel Schryer says:

    Hi, we are those people living in Georgetown outside Toronto and are retiring in 2019. We have done well enough to retire early but are not rich, just doing really well. I am a retired military and worked for Pratt & Whitney Canada from 2000 and my wife works for a leasing company. So the story is that we lived in Trenton fro 6 years when I was in the military and we loved the area. We were living on the base back then. We are coming mid July to spend 4 nights at the Montrose Inn to check the area for when we retire, we want to drive the area and find an ideal quiet spots to buy a house on Prince Edward county most likely or the surroundings. We want the country living away from traffic and noise but not that far from the city and some boat launching areas. All those years around a big city have been stressful. We will cash in pretty good on our house so depending on our profit, we want to spent around $400,000 – $500,000 depending on how much profit we’ll make selling the house here.
    Staying at the Montrose Inn, we were wondering who to see to get an idea of the market around Prince Edward county and want to make connections so when it’s time to buy we will be more ready.
    Best regards !

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