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Addicted to MLS and realtor.ca

Admit it. If you’ve thought of buying a home, are in the process of buying a home or have bought a home in the last 6 months, you’re probably a www.realtor.ca addict.

Signs of Addiction:

  1. The bad map function  and tiny photos don’t bother you anymore.
  2. You tolerate the limited search options.
  3. You pretend it’s normal to have to accept the terms/conditions of the website every single time you go to the site.
  4. You check realtor.ca at least once a day: from your bed when the alarm goes off, during conference calls, at  the dinner table…
  5. You use the smartphone and iPad apps to check on property prices as you cruise down streets – in towns you don’t even live in.
  6. You aren’t in the market to buy, but you like to ‘send a listing to a friend’ just in case they are.
  7. You bought your house 2 months ago and are still on the site everyday. Just in case something better comes up.

People LOVE realtor.ca. Why? Because it lets us dream. It justifies the investment we made in our home.  It lets us see how other people live. It gives us ammunition with our spouse: “Look at that kitchen! Why does everybody have a renovated kitchen except me?”

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog: The Truth about Realtor.ca.

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