— We take our content seriously. This article was written by a real person at BREL.

Earlier this year, we became a brokerage.

It was a bit of an experiment – a hybrid model where we were technically our own brokerage, but collaborating with other teams and relying on them to manage the guts of the back-end brokerage systems.

It was independence with a safety net. Bowling with bumpers. Swimming with water wings.

We’re excited to announce, that today the training wheels have come off. We’re now operating fully independently and poised to bring a new perspective to the Toronto brokerage landscape.

We have a new brokerage name too: Bspoke Realty Inc. 

Bspoke Realty is home to the BREL team and in 2020, will be ready to welcome other top REALTORS and teams looking for a client-centric brokerage. At Bspoke, we aren’t a one-size-fits-all brokerage because we know our clients don’t need one-size-fits-all solutions….and neither do their REALTORS. Bspoke Realty is a different kind of brokerage…for people who expect a different kind of experience.

For the BREL team, it’s business as usual. Except we’re all super excited.

Check out the Bspoke website here – there’s a new blog for REALTORS there too.

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