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choosing a realtorOver the past year, we’ve been regularly getting called in to list properties that were previously listed with other agents and didn’t sell. Some of them were on the market for up to 6 months…and you know what? We sold them. For a price the Buyers would have accepted when they listed the first time. Twice we even got multiple offers in less than a week.

All of this has made me realize something: a lot of Sellers don’t take the time to research the agent they hire. They hire the person who fills their mailbox with postcards or the person whose billboard they pass on their way to work or the friend of a friend who has their real estate license. Worse yet, they pick an agent based on a discounted commission.

BUT….when their house or condo doesn’t sell, they start to research. They go to Yelp and read real reviews from real buyers and sellers. They ask their friends and family for recommendations. They go online and see what that agent is really all about. And then they call the BREL team.

There’s a lot more to selling a house or condo than just putting it on MLS: there’s staging, cleaning, accurate pricing and a pricing strategy, professional photos, targeted marketing campaigns, professionally-designed feature sheets (no comic sans font!), a comprehensive online presence on a website that is actually visited by buyers, video, social media promotion, email campaigns to realtors and buyers, neighbourhood education. To successfully sell a property in a crowded market, a real estate agent needs to have an incredible reach – AND they need to have phenomenal communication, follow-up and negotiation skills.

This blog is NOT intended to solicit Sellers who already have their property listed. To those Sellers, I wish the absolute best.

But if things don’t work out, and you’re looking for a Plan B, we’re happy to show you what the BREL approach can do to get your house or condo SOLD.  

If you’re still the initial stages of choosing a real estate agent, do your research. It’s easier, faster and more profitable to hire the right agent the first time. 

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