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How to Resolve a Condo DisputeBarking dog? Hoarder next door? Communal condo living can be challenge. If you find yourself in a dispute, here are your options:

1.  Negotiation – Almost always the best first step, have a talk with your offending neighbour. Keep the conversation fact-based and avoid getting emotional. Remember- you’ll likely be seeing a lot of each other for a long time.

2.  Involve the Condo Board
– If you aren’t successful with a direct conversation (or two or three), your next best bet is to make a complaint to the Condo Board in writing. Be specific about what’s occurred, and make reference to the condo by-laws that you believe have been breached. The condo board is empowered to enforce the rules, and in fact has a duty to do so, under the Condominium Act of Ontario.

3.  Mediation
– Disputes between owners and the condo corporation are sent to mediation before any legal proceeding in a court can begin. This process involves a professional mediator attempting to facilitate a resolution to the problem. The results of mediation are non-binding, but can be a cost-effective way of resolving a dispute.

4.  Arbitration
– When mediation fails, arbitration is the next step. Each side gets a lawyer and a neutral arbitrator makes a binding decision. Arbitration can be very expensive, but it is a necessary step before being able to make any claims in court.

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