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We’re looking to add one (or maybe two) rockstar REALTORS to our team.

We’re the BREL team. We’re obsessed with digital marketing, gorgeous design, transformative staging, and delivering outstanding client experiences. We sell houses and condos too.

We’re a little team, producing big results:

  • In the first seven months of 2019, we closed more than $87 million in sales
  • 87% of those sales were completed by the team members, not the team leaders! We’re kinda proud of that.
  • Last year, we were named one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.
  • With top ratings on Google, Zillow, Yelp and Facebook, plus a stellar reputation with agents across the city, our reputation is something we’re proud of.

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What can you expect from us? We promise:

  • Second-to-none digital marketing, with a website that gets 90,000+ visitors per month and an active social media presence; together, they’re responsible for generating 80% of our business
  • In-house marketing, copywriting and office admin support
  • Best-in-class staging and a staging warehouse full of all the goodies
  • A proven and predictable 24/7 flow of qualified leads
  • Systems and tools: we promise our Buyers and Sellers one BREL experience, so the use of our CRM, electronic signatures, cloud-based file management, templates and a bunch of cool stuff you’ve probably never heard of are mandatory.
  • A true TEAM culture, with bi-weekly meetings, training and mentoring, team events and challenges and far-too-many-cat GIFs-to-mention on Slack.
  • True TEAM support: Sometimes it’s nice to have a second opinion or have someone to vent to; it’s nice to go away on vacation and not have to worry that your clients aren’t getting the same service you’d give them if you weren’t lying on a beach. We’ve got each other’s backs.
  • A cool west-end office in the Junction and the use of our partners’ office in the Beach (but who are we kidding, we mostly work from home or from our cars).
  • We’re a boutique brokerage – but we operate as a team. You won’t find solo agents at BREL.

About you:

  • You’re an experienced agent with at least 12 sales to your credit. (Sorry rookies! We 🖤you, but we’re just not set up to for newbies).
  • You do real estate differently too – you don’t see dollar signs, you see happy families and long-term relationships.
  • You don’t want to door knock or cold call or harass ‘leads’ – you want to work with real people who want to work with you.
  • The BREL No BS Code of Conduct resonates with you. You believe in:
    • No double-dipping
    • Flawless paperwork
    • Ethically run bidding wars
    • Upfront pricing and inclusions
    • Honest advice
  • You live and breathe real estate. Our agents are in the top 5% in Toronto, so they work hard and hustle. Typically, our agents close 15-30 sales per year.
  • You want to grow – personally, professionally and financially. Ideally, you’re already making $75-100K in commissions a year and want to make $200K+ (after splits and expenses).
  • You’re tech-savvy and love systems/tools that help you do your job more efficiently and improve your clients’ experience.
  • You already embody the BREL values. You:
    • Embrace fresh ideas and bold thinking
    • Are real and transparent
    • Work hard and hustle
    • Are responsive and available
    • Obsess about the details
    • Do the right thing for the long term
    • Do what you love and outsource everything else
    • Are true to yourself

Intrigued? Send us a note and tell us why you think you’re BREL material. 

[Note: if you call us or stalk us, we’ll know right away that we aren’t a fit.]

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