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Last Friday, we closed the door on a chapter of our lives with the sale of our own house. It was an exhausting and emotional process and as a final goodbye to our house, I wanted to share some of my favourite memories:

  • When we first moved into our home 6 years ago, it seemed HUGE. At almost 2,000 sqft, neither of us had lived in a house that big since we were teenagers and our moms did our laundry. Confession: we actually bought walkie-talkies so we could find each other in our new house. 10-4. Copy that. Over.
  • I got ready for our wedding at the house 5 years ago. Those photos are some of my favourites!The Wedding!
  • It’s no secret that Brendan and I love to entertain, and our backyard has seen more than a few parties. From Cinco de Mayo celebrations (complete with a 4-man mariachi band) to backyard sing-alongs by our urban fire pit (illegal btw), to the annual BREL rib competition (where yes, we declare ourselves the winners every year), our friends and family have been a big part of making our house a home.
  • If you’re friends with us on Facebook, you know that we’ve been “checking-in” to the BREL Boardroom – aka the Hot Tub – for years. Last year we upgraded to a fancy-shmancy tub, where most of our business meetings happen (well maybe not the extended BREL team meetings). And yes, we did once verbally accept an offer on a condo from the hot tub.
  • One of my favourite memories in our house happened 4 years ago, when we welcomed our rescue dog Finnegan to his first home. I’ll never forget the look on his face as he chased his new sister around his very own yard.

    The dogs at our infamous Politically Incorrect Halloween party.

    The dogs at our infamous Politically Incorrect Halloween party.

From hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner (where yes, Brendan ended up in emerg because of a potato-slicing incident with the mandolin) to lazy evenings spent binge-watching 24, we’ll never forget our time at 65 Florence Street.

To our house: You’ve seen a lot in your 133 years. I’m glad we were a part of your history.

To the new owners: I hope you create as many great memories here as we did. I hope your family remembers to live life the BREL way: love hard and play harder.



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