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Thai beachIt’s that time again, when Brendan and I reflect back on the year that was. Conveniently, this year we’re doing it from a beach in Thailand (Sorry about all that ice Toronto!)

Some of our favourite moments of 2013:

  • Meeting with a couple at 6 PM who talked about wanting to buy in the next 6-9 months, then finding and buying the perfect house for them by 9 PM (and consequently preparing and selling their loft in the next 8 days).
  • Listing a townhouse and a loft on a Wednesday and having both sell (with  multiple offers) before the open houses on Saturday.
  • Having our butts kicked in a couple of bidding wars, only to find way better houses (at way better prices) for our clients.
  • Watching the BREL team help 92 people find their new homes.
  • Helping an international Buyer buy a luxury home solely through video, Skype and good old-fashioned trust – a true virtual purchase. We’re glad he liked it.
  • Getting a standing ovation from an entire bar after winning a 10-person bidding war in the east end.
  • Listing 5 properties in 36 hours (and not cutting any corners).
  • Selling lofts in some of our favourite buildings: Sorauren Lofts, Robert Watson Lofts, Pop Factory, Tannery Lofts, Bartlett Lofts, and discovering some great new buildings too: Art Lofts, 90 Broadview.
  • Finding a rental for a client in one day and doing the whole transaction on an iPhone.
  • Hosting 70 of our favourite clients and partners in the first-ever BREL holiday party.
  • Finding a home for Brendan’s brother, where our niece and nephew can grow up close to us!

Of course there were some lows in 2013 too…..

  • The bidding war madness didn’t seem to subside all year, and nothing hurts more than being sent home from a bidding war because “you aren’t even close”. Of course bidding $125K over asking and losing by $80K sucked too.
  • We saw different markets emerging, from neighbourhood to type of home. It wasn’t fun telling someone that their condo was worth less today than it was a year ago, and it wasn’t fun telling a Seller to expect their condo to be on the market for 60 days when the house they purchased flew off the shelf in 2.
  • Losing a couple of listings to other agents because the Sellers didn’t like what we thought their home was worth (only to be proven right later, of course).
  • Cancelling the Aruba getaway because we were too busy. I’m still a little bitter about that.
  • Three flat tires, no A/C in our BMW in July and countless parking tickets
  • Running out of hours in the day and realizing that there is a limit to how much we can do.
  • Getting our first RECO complaint for a comment made on this blog (apparently not everyone has the same sense of humour as us).


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