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If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know we have little patience for many of the real estate agents out there. To quote Brendan last week: “Some Realtors just need to be shot.” Yes, perhaps a slight over-reaction, but the lack of professionalism and communication by some many Toronto realtors is pathetic. And so without further ado….

Dear Realtor,

You and I are in the sales and relationship business and our business is built on COMMUNICATION. If you ever wonder why you (and 50% of your Toronto Realtor colleagues) only sell 2 properties a year, may I suggest the following:


  1. I know you’re probably ashamed of your Blackberry, but please, please, please, could make your cell phone number public? On your listings, your website and your business card? There is no rational reason for keeping your number as closely guarded as the Caramilk secret. Considering you don’t likely spend many hours at your broker’s office, your cell phone effectively IS your office.
  2. Return my phone calls – and not just when I leave a message suggesting I have an offer (a sly manoever to get agents to call you back by the way). Your job is to sell your client’s home – shouldn’t you be reachable? Our business is not 9-5. And it’s not Monday-Friday. I can’t tell you how many of your Sellers have lost out on offers from our Buyers because YOU DIDN’T BOTHER TO CALL ME BACK FOR 2 DAYS.
  3. I know you’re excited about this new fangled social media stuff, but it’s NOT OK to spam me on e-mail AND Facebook AND Twitter AND Linked-in. I get it: you want me to refer clients to you. But it’s time someone told you that social media is more about social and less about media – use it to build relationships, not to drive me crazy.
  4. Learn to text. People have been texting for over a decade. It came around about the same time as most industries started throwing out their fax machines (see next point).  It’s a quick, easy and unobtrusive way of communicating. Ask your son or daughter to show you how.
  5. Burn your fax machine. Get over it. Fax machines are so 1982. Invest in a scanner and learn what a PDF is. No one can read an offer that’s been faxed 5 times. And your fax machine makes trees cry.

I realize you probably don’t know what a blog is and probably will never read this, but we feel better already.

the BREL team


  1. Vicki Trembly says:

    I will forgive almost anything except #5. I hate #5. I would rather you drive over and hand it to me than get a fax.

  2. Could we somehow get RECO to make #1 and #2 a licensing requirement? Currently I am on day 6 of trying to reach a Broker of Record regarding his own listing! Makes it somewhat difficult to offer when there’s nobody to answer even a single basic question on the property.

    • Agreed! I feel bad for their clients who are going through the stresses of selling and think the reason the house isn’t selling is their own fault!

      • There’s an offer date and it should easily sell, so now the question I have been asked is if co-operating offers are simply not welcome. At least the neighbours have been kind enough to answer some questions about the house!

  3. If you have an offer for me, and want me to present it (let’s say…..ummmm…..Friday night…..email it to me – or even fax it. But DON’T leave a message on my voicemail late in the evening saying “I dropped an offer at your office.” Or as bad…..I faxed it to your office. If that happens, I won’t see it until tomorrow.

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