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Regular BREL fans and followers have likely noticed that we’ve been sharing some non-Toronto content lately. It’s not just because the sun is shining and we’re dreaming of cottage adventures. We’ve got an announcement. 

We’ve partnered with some of the best REALTORS across all of Ontario’s cottage communities and are bringing you BREL-style content and advice on buying a cottage or vacation home. From Muskoka to the Kawarthas, Prince Edward County to Niagara to Northumberland County, Huron County and beyond, we’ve got your back. 

Why Cottage Country?

Three reasons:

  1. A lot of our friends and clients want to buy a cottage or second property, but they don’t know where to start. Which cottage community should they buy in? What can they afford? Who should they trust to help them buy a vacation property? How can they make a cottage work for them financially? What’s involved in owning a cottage? And some of them, like Brendan and I – don’t want a ‘cottage cottage’  – they want a getaway from the city, a second home they can escape to.
  2. Many would-be BREL clients are choosing to forego buying a property in Toronto and choosing to buy their dream cottage instead. It’s almost like a reverse property ladder. Continuing to rent in Toronto and buying a cottage first can be a great path to homeownership (and a great lifestyle). 
  3. Buy now, retire later – We’ve noticed a trend with our 45+year-old clients – they want to invest in a cottage or second home property NOW, as part of an eventual retirement plan. While they may only enjoy it for a few weeks a year in the meantime, they can offset the costs by renting it out short-term. Brilliant. 

So what does BREL in Cottage & Wine Country mean for you?

1. Ontario Cottage Country Guides

We’re releasing detailed guides on each of Ontario’s cottage country areas, including tons of local info and prices. We’ve already published guides for Prince Edward County, the Niagara Region, the Kawarthas and Collingwood/Georgian Bay – and we will be adding guides throughout the rest of the summer and fall months. 

2. Cottage and Vacation Home Content

On this blog, we’ll be sharing insider tips on buying a cottage or vacation home, including the all-important ‘how to make it financially work’ advice. And when we fall in love with a cottage that’s for sale, we’ll share it as part of our Cottage Crush series. You can check out some of our already-published articles now: How to Buy an Ontario Cottage or Vacation Property and How to Finance a Cottage

3. A Monthly Newsletter For Would-be Cottage Buyers

We know that the journey to buying a cottage or vacation home can be a long one, so we’ll be sharing monthly content via our Get What You Want: Cottage Edition newsletter. You can sign up for it here.  And as usual, we’ll never spam or harass you – we’ll just send you what you signed up for. 

4. Access To Our Extended Cottage Country Partners

Our cottage country partners have been vetted for experience, expertise and client satisfaction, so you can count on receiving the same type of service you get from BREL. We know each one of our partners personally – these aren’t just pins on a map or REALTORS we’ve Googled. Just email me (Melanie) and I’ll put you in touch.

Excited? So are we.

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