We are thrilled to announce that the BREL team has gone indie…we’re now our very own independent real estate brokerage.

But it gets better than that.

We’ve joined forces with two of Toronto’s top real estate teams, the DeClute Team and the Wright Sisters Group, to form Canada’s first Team of Teams.

Together, we are Union Realty. Within the Union Realty family, the BREL team operates as an independent brokerage – BREL Union Realty Brokerage Inc.

What the heck is a Team of Teams?

The Team of Teams is a new concept in the real estate industry. In essence, we’ve pooled some of our resources and all of our brain power to provide our Buyers and Sellers with the best of the best.

What Makes Union’s Team of Teams different?

  • We’re committed to teams, and as such, there are no independent agents at Union. We believe our Buyers and Sellers are best served by a consistent level of service and experience that only a team can provide.
  • We don’t consider ourselves competitors…we’re collaborators. The teams at Union share the same goal: elevate the buying and selling experience. When the best of the best come together and share…everybody wins.
  • The teams at Union share common values, but we have unique cultures. That means we can count on our Union colleagues to operate with the same levels of integrity and honesty that we do, while still being ourselves.
  • We’re nimble but strong. Together, we form one of the top 40 biggest firms in Toronto real estate. And with only 24 agents, that makes us one of the most productive firms in the city.

Why did BREL become its own brokerage?

We’ve loved being part of some of the city’s best brokerages for the last 10+ years, but it’s time for us to leave the nest.

Being our own brokerage allows us to grow the BREL brand, develop our agents and service our Buyers and Sellers in new and better ways. Being part of the Team of Teams helps us lead the evolution of teams across Toronto’s real estate industry.

Together is Better

Together with our partners at DeClute and the Wright Sisters Group, we’re actually one of the biggest real estate firms in the city. If we look at our combined sales volume in 2018, had we been together last year, we would have ranked in the top 40 brokerages out of 1,158 firms…with just 24 agents. Those are some seriously effective agents.

Together, we’ve helped thousands of Buyers and Sellers from east to west and across Toronto and Durham. You’ll find our teams at the top of almost every online reviews platform out there, with stories from over 600 happy clients.


So what’s different now?

For BREL Buyers and Sellers:

The best of BREL, only better. More powerful marketing. Greater marketing reach. Next-level home staging. Seamless transactions. Early access to the hottest new listings in Toronto. The opportunity to be represented by top-tier agents at a top-tier brokerage.

In short? A new standard of service and results…with the same BREL agents you already know and love.

For BREL Agents:

While each of the teams at Union Realty will operate independently, there’ll be an abundance of collaboration. From best-in-class systems and staging to pooled marketing talent, administration and training, we’ll each benefit from the unique expertise each team brings to Union. The best part? We’ll each maintain the cultures that have fostered our individual success and allowed us to be passionate about what we do and who we do it with.

For BREL Leaders:

Brendan is now the official Broker of Record & President at BREL Union Realty. Mel has a fancy new title (Broker & Vice President), but her role essentially stays the same.

So what’s next?

Over the course of the next few days, weeks and months, you’ll see a lot of new things coming from the BREL team….get ready! But we’re still the same BREL team you’ve come to know and trust…we’re just now powered by the Union of the best teams, working together to provide the best experience.


  1. I am SO excited for you! As usual you and Brendan are setting the bar and the vision! I want to hear ALL about it!! Cheers!!

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