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Toronto bedbugsAs seen in our Google Analytics reports from our website…you asked, we answered:

1.  How can I make money from Toronto real estate with no money?

Well if only if were that easy. In Canada, you need a minimum of 5% downpayment to buy a house or condo, and with prices in Toronto averaging over $500,000, that means you need at least $25,000 plus money for closing costs (click here to read about closing costs in Toronto).

2. How much below asking should I offer for a Toronto house?

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to decide what your asking price should be – you need to consider what’s going on in the market, what similar houses have sold for, the location and condition of the house and your own personal financial situation. A good real estate agent who knows the neighbourhood and market can be invaluable in determining a price strategy.

3. How can I make money selling livestock?

I have no idea. Who Googles these things? And I’m surprised that at least 2 people in the last 2 weeks asked Google that question – and even more surprised that our website came up!

4. How can I profit from the Toronto condo market? 

This question comes up all the time. Yes, it is still possible to make money in the condo market – but there are some essential things to consider.  We blogged about it a while back: How to Make Money by Buying a Toronto Investment Condo.

5. Is Leslieville the coolest neighbourhood?

I’m guessing this question’s been coming up because of the National Post’s Game of Hoods (where, yes, Leslieville did come out on top). And yes, we think Leslieville is an awesome neighbourhood.

6. What happens if I find termites after I close on my new house? 

Sorry about that. There are plenty of termite areas in Toronto and it’s important that you consider this BEFORE you buy a house. Your home inspection isn’t likely to cover termites, so you’ll likely need to pay for a separate termite inspection. If your termite inspection didn’t discover any termites yet you did when you moved in, you’ll probably want to talk to your inspector. If you didn’t have an inspection, you should talk to your realtor/lawyer about the rules of disclosure – did the Seller know there was a termite problem and didn’t tell you?

7. People who waste realtor’s time.

I love that someone Googled this – was it a realtor looking for a master list? Was it a serial open-houser feeling guilty? Realtors are here to help home buyers and sellers. While there are some people who endlessly attend open houses with no intention of ever buying, at the end of the day, our job is to help educate and inform people about the Toronto real estate market. Can’t say anyone has ever wasted my time!

8. Is there a delay on the public version of realtor.ca?

Yes, listings on realtor.ca are delayed by a few days, and sold properties continue to appear after they’ve been sold conditionally. Any realtor has access to Toronto houses and condos as they are listed. You can read more about it on The Truth About Realtor.ca

9. Are pre-construction condos in Toronto more expensive than resale condos?

Usually, yes. You can read more about it (and all the other differences between buying new construction and resale) by reading New vs Resale Condo?

10. Where are the bed bugs in Toronto?

If you’re worried about bedbugs, check out Toronto’s Bed Bug Registry. It’s gross, but if you’re thinking of renting or buying in a building, it’s best to know before you commit to a one-year lease.

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