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A few years ago, The Ontario Real Estate Association released the demographic statistics of it’s members. Of note:

  • 67% of real estate agents are in the GTA (whereas only 47% of Ontario population lives in the GTA)
  • 46% of Ontario realtors are over the age of 50 – Of course Ontario tracks it’s  population by different age categories, but here’s how that compares to the population at large:
    • 15-24 – 13.6%
    • 25-44 – 27.6%
    • 45-64 – 28.1%
    • 65+ – 14.1%
  • I’m actually kind of surprised by the male/female ratio – I would have expected our numbers to be more in line with the US averages of 65% women to 35% men.


Anatomy of a Toronto real estate agent

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