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When Kate and Hugh decided that it was time to leave their home on Dixon Ave, they turned to BREL agent Kristin Shensel. After 40 years in their home, they needed someone who could help them get ready to sell and get ready to say goodbye.

Here’s Kate’s story.

A lot to love

We bought our house in 1979, and have lived there ever since. We loved the location, the area, and the great neighbours that we have had. We have lived in the house for 40 years, and are now retired. My husband has problems with his knees, so it was time to go somewhere without stairs. I will miss the area, the sun-filled kitchen in the mornings, the deck and the backyard in the summer, and the front veranda, where I can sit and watch the world go by. I won’t miss snow shovelling!

Connecting with Kristin: First impression

Well, I have known Kristin since she was a teenager. But in the context of selling our house, she was dedicated and interested from the moment I mentioned that we were going to sell. She didn’t push us into using her, but was supportive and informative about the area, and what we could expect. How did I know I wanted to work with Kristin? From the first time we talked about selling, she was committed to our interests, and full of good advice on how to go about getting the best price/buyer.

Saying goodbye has ups and downs

The worst part was getting rid of things that we have owned and loved for years. Also, there was the stress of getting the house ready for sale. It was hard to change it so it would appeal to buyers.  

Seeing the home through fresh eyes

I was thrilled to bits by the look of the house after the staging, and couldn’t believe it was mine! It looked beautiful, and the new paint made all the difference in the world.  I loved the extra touches, like the playroom in the basement.

Help with the hard stuff

Kristin was completely there for us from the beginning. She held my hand when we had doubts, and talked me through the stressful times. She was available to us at the drop of a hat and reassured us every step of the way. We couldn’t have done it without her. Allie was great, as well. She was present at the open houses, and met with us ahead of time to discuss the sale, although she couldn’t ask questions because her role was to represent potential buyers, I felt she did an amazing job.

The real deal

The end results were certainly worth it! We were thrilled beyond words. We had several offers, and everyone was eager to buy, which made us feel good. Kristin handled the offers with grace and charm. This was an amazing experience; I walked away from it feeling good about the whole process.

Moving on

We are working with Kristin to find an interim apartment. We are waiting for a condo that is still under construction. We will be renting it from a family member, which should be a good situation for us. I would recommend her, without hesitation. She was amazing and continues to be so.

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