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Did you know that 73% of home sellers list their home with the first person they talk to? People spend more time picking a new pair of shoes than picking the person tasked with selling their largest asset!

If you read How to Pick a Great Realtor, you know that experience matters. Consider the facts:

  • There are 50,000+ Toronto area REALTORS who represent Buyers and/or Sellers
  • There were about 110,000 home sales were recorded by the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) in 2017
  •   In 2017, 16,688 agents sold zero homes. Zero! That’s 34% of the total number of licensed agents.
  • 83% of agents sold less than 6 homes in 2017.

Would you hire a dentist who performs 4 root canals a year to do your root canal? I didn’t think so.

And then there are brokerages and teams. Also not created equal. Toronto home sellers have lots of price structures to choose from and many Sellers are all about saving the 0.5% or 1% commission.  But what if ‘saving’ money was actually costing them money? Consider a few more stats:

In 2017:

  • the average number of days a house was on the market in Toronto was 16.8 days.
  • the average house listed on TREB was sold at 104.8% of the last asking price

Some brokerages and teams have more impressive stats. For example, the BREL team:

  • Houses we listed for sale sold in 13 days
  • the average sale was at 112% of asking – that’s equal to more than $72,000 per Seller on the average house listing

In real terms, that means 22% less time making your bed every day and living with the chaos of showings. And that means more than $72,000 more in our Seller’s pockets.  So even at non-discounted commission rates, our clients came out on top!

Toronto REALTORS and brokerages come in all shapes and sizes. But don’t think for a minute, that we’re all the same.

If you’re thinking of selling, don’t be a statistic. It may be time for a second opinion.

(Statistics provided by IMS Incorporated, a third party independent auditor of Realtor performance)


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