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It’s been 10 years since Ontario first promised all-day GO train service to Hamilton- and it’s finally happening. On Monday Metrolinx announced that all-day service between West Harbour GO station and Union Station will start Saturday, Aug. 7.

In 2011 Dalton McGuinty promised all-day GO service between Hamilton and Toronto, saying it would be operating for the 2015 Pan-Am Games. 

While the station was completed in 2015, train service began three years later- with only four one-way trains from Hamilton per day, as it currently operates.

Commuting is about to be much easier and more efficient! Until now, Hamilton commuters had to take a bus or drive to Aldershot station in Burlington, then transfer to get on the Lakeshore West train (in order to get to Union Station). 

The new station, West Harbour, is located on James Street North, on the CN Rail tracks. There will be 28 trips to and from Hamilton and Toronto on weekdays. On weekends, there will be 35 trips per day, 16 eastbound and 19 westbound.

Trains will begin just after 5 a.m., with the last return trip from Toronto leaving at 11:45 p.m. West Harbour station saw 40 trains a week pre-COVID, and now the station will be expecting 250 per week.

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