Today, we’re going to look at at what $700,000 bought in 2014 – and the good news is that this budget range opened up all sorts of good options. $700,000 isn’t generally enough to get a renovated property in prime neighbourhoods like Riverdale¬†and Roncesvalles, but there were reno’ed options in Little Portugal, Upper Beaches and Parkdale.

As of writing:

  • There were 273 house sales between $600,001-$700,000
  • 62 of the houses had 1 or 2 bedrooms
  • 41 had more than 3 bedrooms
  • 42 were detached; 89 were rowhouses (attached on both sides)
  • Bidding wars in this price were fiercest; the average house sold for 109% of asking!
  • The east end was WAY more affordable ¬†– 185 of those sales happened east of Yonge, and 90 west of Yonge

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of houses $700,000 bought in 2014:

If you had $700,000 to spend and were looking to buy a condo, you had plenty of excellent options. After a few slow years, condos in this market were once again popular (probably because a lot of Buyers realized their budget wouldn’t get them the house they wanted.) Locations, size and finishes were excellent in this price range.

  • There were 365 condo sales in this price range
  • Downtown condos sold for 99% of asking
  • Most were 2 bedrooms (3 condos had 3 bedrooms)

Here’s a sampling of the condos that were purchased for $700,000 in 2014:

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