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Selling real estate is a second career for most agents and many (me included) consider it for years before finally taking the plunge. We often work with Buyers and Sellers who we think would make great real estate agents, so we figured we’d dedicate a Buzz-Feed style blog to help convince them:

5 Signs You’re Supposed to be a Real Estate Agent.

1. You join the throngs of Toronto buyers at open houses every weekend – despite the fact that you aren’t looking to buy or sell.

open houses

2.  You devour Toronto real estate blogs and you can’t wait to click through the Hottest Neighbourhoods and Top City to Live In articles.


3. You’re addicted to HGTV and know the names of all the hosts.

(Pro tip: selling real estate isn’t anything like what you see on TV.)


4. You’re especially proud of your parallel parking skills, your secret laneway shortcuts and your ability to find free street parking.

Parallel Parking

5. At parties, you mainly talk about real estate: what the house down the street sold for, the 20-person bidding war your friend just lost, what your house is worth… it mystifies you why everyone doesn’t care about it as much as you do.

small talk

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