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A little staging can go a long way in making your home appeal to Buyers. Here are 5 easy things to invest in before listing your home:

1. Pillows and throws are a cheap and easy way to add a dose of colour to your couches or beds and freshen up a room.

living room staging

2. Flowers and plants – A little greenery can go a long way to making your home feeling homey. Buy long-lasting flowers that match your decor and don’t forget to water them and throw them out the minute they start to wilt or brown.

flowers for staging

3. Toiletries – Nobody wants to look at your Head & Shoulders shampoo bottle, but some fancy toiletries can give your bathroom that spa-like feeling. Consider investing in a classy soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and trash can, or at minimum, put your Dollar Store plastic ones away.

bathroom staging for selling

 4. Crisp, clean towels – Consider these your official “show” towels  and commit to not actually using them. Fold or roll crisp white towels for a polished spa look.

bathroom staging

5. New bedding – Bad duvet covers (or worse, no duvet) don’t make a Buyer want to move into your bedroom. Invest in a neutral bed covering set (with matching sheets) for that hotel-feel. And don’t forget to make your bed every day – the way your mom showed you (not just by throwing the duvet over the scattered sheets).

Bedroom staging

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