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1.  You’ve actually won Roll Up the Rim while hanging out endlessly at coffee shops while people traipse through your home.

roll up the rim
2.  You’re surprised that everything you really use on a daily basis fits into a small box under the bathroom counter. Everything else you own is in a storage locker because your real estate agent claimed it was “clutter” and not actually important.

3.  Your floors have never been this clean (and likely never will be again).

4.  Your dog spends all day in his crate longing to greet the strangers who come to his house. No-bark collar optional.

selling house with dogs5. You like your house more than ever now that it’s been staged and are second-guessing your decision to sell it.

6. Spousal nagging is at an all-time low: all those jobs you’ve been avoiding (the leaky faucet, the dent in the wall) have at last been taking care of (just in time for the new owner to not even appreciate them).

7. You make the kids sleep on top of the duvet or on the couch so that they don’t mess up the bedcovers.

bedroom selling house
8.  You send in a friend to your own open house to see what people are saying about it (and what your agent is saying).

9. You obsessively ask your agent for feedback from showings (though you usually take it personally and get defensive and think the Buyers are just being unreasonable).

10. The highlight of your day is going through the REALTOR business cards that have been left on your counter after a showing and making fun of the photos on them. (It’s OK, I do that too). If you want some giggles, check out these 20 Photos of Real Estate Agents That Can’t Be True but Are. This one is my favourite:

Screenshot 2014-03-12 15.25.44

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