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toronto home buyer

  1. The first thing you do in the morning is check your Property Matches email. 
  2. You talk about termites, knob and tube wiring and lead pipes at parties.
  3. You visit realtor.ca daily in case your own REALTOR is hiding properties from you.
  4. The first question you ask when you enter a house is: ‘What’s the offer date?
  5. You only wear slip on/slip off shoes because you’ve learned how painful tying your laces 10 times a day is.
  6. It doesn’t surprise you when a house sells for $100,000 over asking. Or even $200,000.
  7. You’ve decided that East York and Mimico now meet your “downtown” criteria.
  8. You regularly berate yourself for not buying in 2011 because you thought prices were going to go down. 
  9. You know what DOM, SPIS and APS mean.
  10. Agents are recognizing you at open houses (from 2 months ago).

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