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  1. Realtors are NormalWe Don’t Actually Want To Capitalize The First Letter of Every Word Of Our Property Listings – the Toronto MLS system automatically capitalizes our property descriptions that way.
  2. We don’t really want to put our title (Sales Representative) and contact information on everything – Ontario real estate marketing rules require us to. Pens, greeting cards, social media accounts – if it could be construed as advertising, than our full legal names, title and brokerage information needs to be included. Yes, even on pens.
  3. REALTOR is a registered trademark in ALL CAPS- we can get in trouble if we don’t use all caps.
  4. Many real estate agents wish sold data was public information too – but current rules prevent us from giving out sold prices on the internet (but email is OK).
  5. We use a lot of ACRNMS on MLS because we have letter count restrictions. Sometimes we can’t figure them out either.
  6. There’s a lot of bad real estate agent training out there – brokers and trainers tell us to knock on doors, cold call you, and invite you to our open houses on Facebook. Sorry.
  7. According to legend, long, long ago, agents were required to have their photos on their business cards for security purposes. A lot of brokerages still tell their agents it’s a good idea so that buyers and sellers remember them. It’s sad if that’s the only reason you’re remembered. Confession: I had my photo on my first real estate business card.
  8. Putting your face on a garbage can or park bench has actually worked for a few agents – so it seems like a good idea. Sorry again.
  9. Our car is our office – that’s why we all drive a BMW, Mercedes or an Audi. It’s our way of pimping out our offices. Plus it’s a tax write-off. Guilty.
  10. In Ontario, real estate agreements of purchase and sale still have to be signed in pen. While the rest of the world has moved to electronic signatures, it’s still not legal here.


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