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Toronto map for lead

How Much Lead Is In Your Toronto Drinking Water?

The City of Toronto’s old water main infrastructure means that many of us living in houses built before 1950 are drinking water that has unacceptable amounts of lead in it. You can check how much your neighbourhood is affected on this new interactive map and scroll past it to find […]

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August Market Update: Infographics

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Reviews for the BREL team

  • Phil & Feli

    Sold by BREL 19 Wilberton Road Toronto ExteriorWe are a young and a small family that wish to grow further. We had to relocate to Toronto for professional reasons. We previously

  • Gil C.

    120519826I had such a fantastic experience with Mel & Brendan. They were very familiar with every property and a ton of insight to every neighbourhood we visited.. Would 100% recommend them to anyone buying or selling. Great team

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