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These days in Mimico, you’ve either been here for 35 years (since Nona helped Mama and Papa purchase before you arrived), or you were ahead of the curve and form part of the new wave of young urban-focused families who have adopted the area as their own. Rental options that line the lakeshore bring diversity as well.

What We

Recreational minded peeps delight in the access to water, parkland, cycling and so on. More space just a quick transit ride to the downtown. Humber College brings a youthful energy to the area most of the year these days as well.

What We Don't

There is still some grit in along the west end of Mimico towards Long Branch. The last of the $2/bottle bars are still being kept alive...barely.

Property Statistics in Mimico

All Properties - Statistics

Q2 2019


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

101.5 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Detached Houses - Statistics

Q2 2019


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

101.6 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Condos - Statistics

Q2 2019


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

99.4 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Source: TREB Statistics

Quick and easy access to the downtown has been the driving force behind the demand for this small town feeling neighbourhood. Business gentrification is a sign of the times, as turnover in real estate and family demand brings new popular retail to the lakeshore strip once most known for cheap motels and ‘for lease’ sign-laden windows.

While some of the stately homes linger along the water and just north of Lake Shore road, much of the eastern lakefront has given way to the higher-density portions of the Mimico 20/20 plan, aimed at revitalizing the area and leveraging the lakeside aesthetic. The local GO station has played a major role in the draw of what would otherwise be downtown-dwelling families, who value the detached homes and bungalows that sit on larger-than-you’ll-ever-find-downtown lots prominent here.

The western parts of the area have been lagging behind in the gentrification process, and there are still some finds to be had in Mimico, particularly if you’re willing to dive into a fixer-upper yourself. Flippers have been here for some time though, and fully tricked-out pads can fetch prices not that different from the downtown core, with the convenience of the streetcar and GO Train delivering you there in a jiffy. HOUSE STATS

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $582,498 $640,137 $733,291 $824,764 $949,881 $986,164
PRICE: Low-High $230,000-$1,500,000 $355,000-$2,150,000 $417,000-$3,100,000 $485,000-$1,835,000 $503,000-$1,700,000 $610,000-$1,865,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 21 15 18 12 18 19
# OF SALES 94 207 197 210 185 144


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $396,263 $403,528 $413,488 $444,410 $522,450 $584,075
PRICE: Low-High $12,000-$2,495,000 $199,400-$1,550,000 $189,000-$1,517,500 $1,650-$2,359,000 $13,000-$2,700,000 $14,000-$2,139,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 46 43 37 30 19 24
# OF SALES 277 638 798 1091 1170 941

Area: 7km

Population: 26,550


Kids: 11%

Youth: 9%

Seniors: 15%

Visible Minority: 23.80%

Average Family Income: $86,179


Lower Education: 35.50%

Higher Education: 7.80%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 7495

Tenanted Homes: 6190

Schools abound both public and separate, though if you’re looking for private educational options you’ll have to look elsewhere. TV buffs will note that the location where most of the original “Degrassi” series was shot is right here in Mimico as well.


Second Street Jr Middle School
George R Gauld Jr School
St Leo Catholic School
John English Jr Middle School

Access to the Gardiner and 427 are both super close, and transit options can have you downtown in an hour or minutes depending on whether your pocketbook demands the TTC or affords you the Go Train!

About Mimico

A lesser-known fact about Mimico, is that ‘Mimico’ is derived from the Ojibwe word ‘omiimiikaa’ meaning “abundant with wild pigeons”. (But we wouldn’t call that this neighbourhood’s best-kept secret!) Serving as the gateway to Toronto’s west-end lakefront communities, Mimico offers scenic lakefront views, parks by the water, and a slower pace than you’ll find at the core of Toronto’s central downtown communities.

Although it has small-town charm it is by no means a small town. Easily accessed, via The Queensway, Mimico is just a 10 – 15-minute drive from King street west and is actually a part of the city of Toronto. Home to many creatives, artists, and innovators, Mimico residents are within walking distance to stunning views of the water, lakefront breezes, and abundant shared green space – qualities that are rare to city-living.

There is also a palpable sense of community found in the support shown for local businesses and artists. Popular community events include the Lakeshore International Short Film Festival – Mimico’s own film festival – and Through the Eyes of the Artist – a juried art exhibition featuring 40 new artists each year.

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