The Lowdown on O’Connor-Parkview

Your Typical Neighbour

O’Connor-Parkview is a family-friendly neighbourhood in East York, Toronto. The neighbourhood includes the smaller areas of Topham Park, Woodbine Gardens and Parkview Hills. Pretty tree-lined streetscapes, green spaces, and quaint detached homes fill the area with charming character. Your typical neighbours here are young families and young professionals, likely drawn to the recreational activities around the community.

What We

  • Park heaven! With 7 parks, 5 playgrounds and community recreation facilities in the neighbourhood, there are so many outdoor activities to choose from. Even the Don River is nearby, if you’re looking for nature-filled trails!
  • The area boasts a strong Greek community in Parkview Hills--it’s not ALL about the Danforth!
  • Many restaurants and bars up O’Connor Drive and St. Clair Ave (that don’t break the bank!)

What We Don't

Lack of bike lanes- not the friendliest biking neighbourhood.


Property Statistics in O’Connor-Parkview

Source: TREB Statistics

There is a very wide range of real estate within this huge “neighbourhood;” most residents are more connected to their immediate ‘hood - e.g. Topham Park, Parkview Hills, or Woodbine Gardens. While most of the area was originally developed with postwar architecture (so lots of bungalows on decent lots), Woodbine Gardens has remained less developed or desirable, and now includes large affordable housing complexes, while on the other end of the spectrum the postwar bungalows of Parkview Hills have for many years been rapidly turning into McMansions or modern infill masterpieces, depending on the taste of the owners. Of the three, quaint Topham Park has so far been the least changed - neither declining nor gentrifying with the speed of the others.







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Higher Education:

Home Ownership

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Transit options here are good. There are 154 bus stops, Victoria Park Station, and it's a short drive to the DVP.

About O’Connor-Parkview

O’Connor-Parkview is an East York-area neighbourhood, located southeast of the Don Valley. It is bordered south by Taylor-Massey Creek, west by the DVP, east by Victoria Park Ave, and north by Holland Ave. The community boasts green spaces and recreation centres, making it a great place for families, professionals with active lifestyles, as well as outdoor enthusiasts who love the city! Most residents own their homes, with a split of 55% owners to 45% renters. There are great education options for kids, with 13 public schools and 7 Catholic schools, including French immersion options. Local businesses can be found along O’Connor Drive and St. Clair Ave East, though Danforth’s fantastic shopping options are just a few blocks south. You’ll never be bored with places like TKTO knife throwing, O’Connor Bowl, Toronto Climbing Academy, and more! Even Caribana, Toronto’s Caribbean carnival, hosts summer events in the neighbourhood.

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