The Lowdown on Danforth Village/Upper Beaches

Your Typical Neighbour

A broad mix of lower, middle and upper working class from a wide cultural background. Increasingly, younger families with professional parents looking for their first home.

What We

Charming family neighbourhoods, tree lined streets and prices that won’t make you nervous...yet. Plus there’s a little of everything nearby: The beach at Ashbridges Bay, shopping in the Beaches, festivals on the Danforth and the colour of Little India. All doable on transit!

What We Don't

The boundaries of this neighbourhood are all hot spots come the warmer months. Both the Beaches and Danforth Avenue attract heavy tourism. Come festival and beach season your commute can suddenly be a major source of stress. On the upside, it will make the annoying raccoons seem a lot less bothersome.

Property Statistics in Danforth Village/Upper Beaches

Source: TREB Statistics

The solid mix of lower, middle and upper class incomes in this area dictate a veritable smorgasbord of real estate offerings. Homes in the densely residential area surrounding Kingston Road are generally considerably more affordable than their counterparts farther south in the Beaches proper; the further North you move generally the bigger the savings as the houses shrink in size.

North of the Danforth, semi’s tend to be more the norm, often complete with gorgeous, (and regularly enjoyed) porch space. Most of the offering south of the Danforth offers a broader range of Victorian semi’s, bungalows and townhomes, all interspersed with boutique apartments that offer some of the least expensive purchase prices to be found anywhere in the city.

The point we are driving home here is that on the whole, there is a lot of value available here. When you compare this area to its neighbours Riverdale to the West, Beaches to the Southeast, and Leslieville to the Southwest, you have a largely family-friendly and safe area ripe with amenities and poised to offer you a greater return on investment as a more significantly undervalued part of the city. Consider the relatively easy commute by train, transit or car and we suspect the opportunity here will not last!


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $637,927 $680,947 $718,255 $823,514 $932,758 $995,537
PRICE: Low-High $277,000-$1,890,000 $300,000-$1,790,000 $340,000-$1,800,000 $475,000-$2,200,000 $534,000-$1,661,000 $460,000-$2,100,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 15 12 11 8 9 11
# OF SALES 312 283 452 418 232 345



2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
AVERAGE PRICE $427,786 $435,998 $470,286 $495,466 $574,064 $680,669
PRICE: Low-High $242,000-$719,900 $315,000-$577,000 $185,000-$726,350 $269,000-$1,095,000 $330,000-$950,000 $350,000-$1,144,900
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 23 31 21 29 19 14
# OF SALES 31 5 55 54 64 55

Area: 3km

Population: 21,155


Kids: 17%

Youth: 10%

Seniors: 11%

Visible Minority: 39.4%

Average Family Income: $86,582


Lower Education: 39.9%

Higher Education: 7.35%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 46%

Tenanted Homes: 54%

There are a healthy number of schools in the area, both in the public and separate boards. Growing family-oriented traffic is likely to cause growth as well.


Bowmore Road junior and Senior School
Beaches Alternative Public School
Norway Junior Public School
Adam Beck Public School
Earl Haig Public School

Transit options galore. Relatively easy access to Train and TTC options connecting to the Subway offer easy commuting. Access to the DVP and Lakeshore/Gardiner Options are relatively close as well.

About Danforth Village/Upper Beaches

The band ‘Rush’ reference the Danforth in their instrumental “La Villa Strangiato” from the album Hemispheres (1978) and The Barenaked Ladies throw-out a nod to the Danforth in their song “The Old Apartment” from the album Born on a Pirate Ship (1996). Now that we’ve bestowed you with these groovy ‘dinner party facts’ let us digress…

Danforth Village (often referred to as ‘Greek Town’, or the ‘Upper Beach(es)’) is bordered by Leslieville to the south and Bloor Street to the west. It is a lively, shop-local neighbourhood with a well-spring of European and predominantly Greek influences. The charms of this neighbourhood are not only in its: patio-centric atmosphere, delicious culinary delights, artisanal cheese shops, speciality stores, bakeries, beautiful clothing boutiques, health food varieties, and yoga studios, but it’s well-crafted, and immaculately maintained residential streets.

A highly-coveted area to live in the city, homes in Danforth Village are impressive, with well-manicured lawns and foliage, tree-lined walkways, pedestrian-friendly walkability, local parks for play, and classic architecture. Residents enjoy walking to pick up fresh produce, ripe cheese, smoothies, rich coffees, and trinkets. A simple day outside can be anything from a walk to the park, to a yoga class, to get groceries, or to lay-low with neighbours on a patio (maybe even their own!). This is the type of neighbourhood where people say ‘hello’ and local shops know you by name. It’s proximity to Toronto’s east-end stretch of sandy beach(es) and the waterfront is just another bonus to an area where, otherwise, everything you could ever need is right outside your front doorstep.

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