The Lowdown on Oakwood-Vaughan

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Typical doesn’t seem a likely word in a neighbourhood as multicultural as Oakwood-Vaughan. Long home to working-class residents and artists, the area has seen an influx of young families looking for affordable homes close to the city centre in recent years.

What We

Multicultural retail is right outside your door.

What We Don't

Empty storefronts are an eyesore, and leave room for the grittier residents to sleep in doorways.

Property Statistics in Oakwood-Vaughan

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Source: TREB Statistics

The neighbourhood contains a varied mix of homes that accommodates a wide variety of needs. Some of the smaller bungalows in the city can be found here, in neighbourhoods that have been European strongholds for years. New construction intermingles with brick and stucco homes from the post-war period, and apartment buildings along the periphery offer lower-cost housing to the more working-class portion of the neighbourhood demographics.

A pair of arts-focused community-based facilities (Arts Starts and the Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre) call the neighbourhood home. Make no mistake, the strong artistic presence is a statement about affordability here, although it is clearly a neighbourhood in transition: take a short drive around the area and you'll see almost as many For Lease signs in storefronts as you will empty retail shops that have none.

This neighbourhood offers a wide range of property prices, including some of the most affordable (and sometimes smallest) detached house prices available in the city. Continuing transition suggests that it is one of the few places in the city that may still be undervalued. If the condo market is not your thing, this could be a neighbourhood worthy of consideration, especially if you’re buying on a budget.

Area: 2km

Population: 21,075


Kids: 15%

Youth: 11%

Seniors: 16%

Visible Minority: 40.70%

Average Family Income: $68,739


Lower Education: 39.40%

Higher Education: 6.20%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 4565

Tenanted Homes: 3995

A surprising number of  bus lines criss-cross this neighbourhood delivering you to subway options. Dufferin is the most convenient option for drivers heading north to the 401 or south to the Gardiner.

About Oakwood-Vaughan

Welcome to Toronto’s Oakwood-Vaughan neighbourhood!

Oakwood-Vaughan is a neighbourhood that has gentrified and become widely known for it’s family-friendly, welcoming, and neighbourly vibe. It is highly walkable and locally convenient. A strong European influence is easily seen in the area’s bustling sports cafes, Italian restaurants, and local businesses. Oakwood-Vaughan has more recently been known as ‘Oakwood Village’. Which is no surprise to us.

A residential neighbourhood that offers tree-lined streets, local parks, schools, bakeries, and specialty shops, is not what you might immediately expect driving past the area north-bound on Dufferin. But ironically, despite being bordered by some of Toronto’s busier commuter roads – Eglinton Avenue (west), Dufferin street (west) and St.Clair Avenue (west), its residential streets are calm enough for child’s play: biking, running, skipping rope, climbing trees, playing in the yard, and chatting with neighbours on front porches. That’s because people in the Oakwood Village area generally have that ‘neighbourliness’, that friendliness, that you don’t find everywhere this day and age. When someone cooks too much food, it’s not uncommon to see if passed over the fence, to a welcoming hand. Tomato canning is also a family affair. The best minestrones, sauces, and casseroles are made at home and from scratch, after all.

This welcoming, and warm, vibe comes from the area’s Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Filipino, roots. This diverse cultural makeup, European influence, and friendly energy has been at the root of attraction for many young families, and new buyers, into the neighbourhood. Another allure for buyers is the location. Locals float seamlessly from Oakwood Village to the Wychwood Park area (closer to St.Clair & Christie) – where it is very easy to see a variety of fancier new additions like spinning studios, Italian restaurants, scone shops, and specialty stores. And, as luck would have it, families also have access to 3 highly rated public schools: JR. Wilcox, Arlington Middle School, and Vaughan Road Academy. New builds, modern renovations, topped-up bungalows, immaculate lawns, and booming investment from local businesses, are all signs that this area will only continue to prosper.

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