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About iZone - 325 carlaw avenue, toronto, ontario

The iZone Lofts is a hard loft building of between two and four stories housing 101 of the city’s most industrial loft spaces. In true New York Warehouse loft style, a number of the spaces are occupied by businesses that close up shop and go home at the end of the day, leaving room for the neighbours to make noise at will after the work day.

The spaces at iZone are truly some of the most varied in any loft development in the city. Ranging in space from 466 up to over 1800 square feet, many of the originally space open spaces have been renovated by previous owners. Additionally, most of the upper suites come with the option to build outdoor space on the rooftop above their unit if it hasn’t been done already. And the flexibility of the space in this evolving neighbourhood draws undoubtedly some of the coolest, creative neighbours you’re likely to find.

The nature of business dictates that these lofts come up for sale a bit more frequently than more conventional loft spaces, and they won’t appeal to the average buyer. It’s clear that word is out about their versatility however, as recent listings suggest very residential-focused ‘flips’ appearing more and more regularly. Given the cool factor and the flexibility of the space, this trend is likely to continue. If warehouse style chic is your thing with work/live flexibility, this location should be at or near the top of your list.


What We :Tired of more cookie cutter “lofts?” iZone is the cure. Commercial neighbours could be anything from a flower importer to a woodworking shop, so hallways are definitely more warehouse than residence. Creative owners have done some rock star renovations (some by actual rock stars), and spaces are large, raw and unique.


What We Don’t: Depending on the creative skills of past owners, units that were identical blank slates at the outset can be anywhere from inspired to blah. If you don’t think you’ll know what to do with 20 foot ceilings and extreme open-concept spaces, get help.


Looking to buy a loft at iZone? If you don’t see any available for sale below, contact us to set up a custom loft search straight from the MLS. Never miss a loft for sale at iZone again!


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The Facts

Address: 325 Carlaw Ave.

Developer: Atria Development

Year Built: September 2002

Number of Storeys: 4

Number of Lofts: 76

Size Range of Lofts: up to 1949 sqft


  • Security
  • Rooftop entertainment room


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