Manh Bazzano - Team Admin (East)


Mobile: 437-777-4211

Meet Manh Bazzano, Team Admin (East)

I come from 20 years in the Advertising Industry and I’m brand new to the Real Estate world. This change is both exciting and scary, the unknown has always been a big fear of mine so this new journey will allow me to be vulnerable and learn new things that will bring personal and professional growth.
I have two incredible children. They are my light and give me the courage to take big leaps of faith, knowing they are there to cheer me on. We have a young cat, her name is Leeloo and she is the boss of the house 🙂
I love FOOD! I am looking forward to venturing out to explore different restaurants again. Food is art to me and I enjoy the presentation just as much as the taste. I also enjoy being part of my choir, and the joy of being on stage to perform for a live audience makes me come alive! I enjoy meeting new people, as I find everyone’s life story so incredibly fascinating. I try to find things in people to inspire me. The joy of being able to wake up and redo our mistakes or paint a new story is a blessing.