Meet Jim Kirwan, Listing Prep Technician

What do I love about my job?
Each day is different and I get work with a lot of great people, both customers and team members.
How does what I do impact Buyers and Sellers?
My job helps Sellers by reducing stress levels by helping with all the last minute jobs that are necessary to get their house ready to sell, from decluttering to staging to painting. For Buyers, I help with last-minute tasks, from removing lockboxes to returning keys clean up.
How does what I do help BREL agents?
My job helps the agents by reducing their legwork by delivering marketing, keeping any staging up to date and any last minute tasks to ensure a smooth selling or buying experience for BREL clients.
When I’m  not working, you can find me…
When I am not working, you can find me fishing or spending time outdoors and I love watching the Leafs play.