Meet Enoch Khuu, Staging Assistant

Joined The BREL Team: 2021

Hello, my name is Enoch Khuu, and I’m the Design Assistant with the BREL team’s staging company, UPstaging. Working together, we get to transform spaces to show off it’s full potential to the world.

After completing my Design degree with a focus on Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design University, I dove deep into the world of furniture, home goods, and interior design, honing my eye for style, and refining my attention to detail.

In between staging homes for sale, I like to dip my toes into the world of fashion and style, and am always on the hunt for hidden gems in shops and online, as well as experimenting with new clothes and interior decor.

I can also be found watching my favourite creators on YouTube and learning to recreate my favourite dishes, perfecting my technique, and honing my knife skills in the kitchen.