Meet Andrea Sierra, Deal Administrator

What do I love about my job?

I genuinely love my job because I get to see the back end of how real estate works.  Seeing as i’m a  bit of a statistics and numbers nerd, I love how every single real estate transaction is basically different. I’ve been involved in the real estate industry on and off since I was a teenager and can’t think of another industry that’s as fun and interesting!

How does what I do impact the BREL team’s Buyers & Sellers?

There’s a reason they call me the Deal Ninja! I’m the person that ensures that all internal matters relating to money and the transaction goes smoothly and without any hiccups!

How does what I do help BREL’s Real Estate agents?

What does the deal admin do? They make sure all paperwork is spotless, that all industry rules and guidelines are being followed and most importantly – I handle all the commissions and monies that need to be disbursed. Every day is different so I’m always here to help with anything and everything that the team needs!

When I’m not working you can find me…

I love experimenting in the kitchen (but not baking – unless you want hard bread) with the assistance of my sous chef – Sebastian, my toddler! Travelling is always a priority; love to experience local cuisines, cultures, and ways of life. What else makes me happy? Karaoke and dancing; I bring the enthusiasm, not the talent!