House Staging in TorontoIt’s no secret that how a home looks and feels impacts a Buyer’s perception of how much it’s worth… and there’s a lot that can be done to influence that perception. Our goal is to make Buyers fall in love with your home; that’s why we have an in-house Listing Prep and Staging team, exclusive to BREL clients. Our staging team has a gift for optimizing the use, look and feel of every room in our Sellers’ homes, and the BREL staging warehouse is full of accessories to fit every decor.

And the best part? Our staging services are included in our commission.

Just say no to plastic apples.

We think Buyers are smart enough to see through an artificial staging with cold, lifeless rooms. Buyers fall in love with homes they can actually see themselves living in. That’s why our approach to staging is to work as much as possible with what you already have, making your home look the best it possibly can…without feeling unnatural. By the time we’re done, you’ll wonder why you didn’t always live that way.

Staging is just the beginning.

At the BREL team, staging is just one part of how we prepare a home for sale. We like to call how we transform a Seller’s home the BREL Makeover. The BREL Makeover includes:

  • A comprehensive staging consultation with one of our in-house Stagers
  • Coordinating the preparation of your home including wrangling tradespeople
  • Access to over 100 trusted home professionals providing more than 50 types of home services
  • Staging of your home
  • Professional cleaning
  • De-staging after your successful sale

The BREL Makeover: What to Expect

Step 1: The Staging Consultation
The staging consultation takes about 1-2 hours and includes a complete analysis of the home. The written report includes a room-by-room analysis with a detailed task list for the homeowner, a staging plan for our team, and a timeline. Of course, all final decisions are up to you!

Step 2: Home Preparations
Sometimes, a home requires a little extra love to get it ready for sale. We have relationships with more than 100 home professionals covering over 50 types of home services, and we’re more than happy to introduce you. Better yet, we can spearhead coordinating a crew to help you prepare your home. Your role in preparing your home may include:

  • De-cluttering and depersonalizing your space
  • Packing and storing unneeded items off-site
  • Tending to the front and backyards
  • Repairs and renovations

We have handymen, painters, carpet cleaners, plumbers, electricians….you name it, and we’ve probably got a guy or gal for it.

Step 3: The Makeover/Staging
The BREL makeover normally takes place during the 2 days before your home is listed for sale, and can take anywhere from 5 to 15 hours. Our Makeover usually includes:

  • Rearranging your existing furniture to optimize the use and flow of each room
  • Adding art and accessories (paintings, pillows, throws, area rugs, etc.)
  • Enhancing your current lighting
  • New linens & bath accessories (towels, bed sheets, duvet covers)
  • Fresh flowers and greenery
  • Professional cleaning (paid for by us)

It’s usually best if you aren’t home for the staging Makeover…though we love being there when you see the results!

Step 4: The De-Staging
Once your home is sold firm, our team returns to your home to de-stage…so you can go back to living normally!

The BREL Makeunder

We’re known for our no BS approach, and the truth is, sometimes a home needs a Makeunder, not a Makeover. While the BREL Makeunder process is similar to the BREL Makeover, there’s a greater emphasis on assistance with de-cluttering, depersonalizing and coordinating off-site storage solutions. We’re passionate about our Makeovers, and we’ve seen real results in the prices we get for our listings. Why settle for less?

The Not-so-Small Fine Print

  • Our staging, cleaning, and concierge services are generally included in our commission fee – some restrictions may apply
  • Sellers are asked to sign a Staging Contract and an Exclusive Listing Agreement to cover the Listing Consultation to Listing date
  • We have a warehouse full of furniture and accessories and rarely need to rent anything beyond. If additional furniture rentals are required, we will discuss any associated costs prior to renting.
  • Additional fees apply for staging vacant homes.