So we’re getting ready to do a weekend of open houses at our new listing. And got me thinking about open houses. Some Realtors love them, some Realtors hate them. We happen to love them. But that doesn’t mean that open houses don’t provide a lot of fodder for a good Realtor Rant:

  • Open House Guests: We know your name isn’t Jane Smith. And your phone number isn’t 555-1234. Realtors ask you to sign-in to an open house for safety reasons and because homeowners want to know who went through their house. Yes, some Realtors use that information to bombard you with e-mail spam and phone calls, and no, that isn’t cool. But simply indicating that you don’t want to be contacted is way more respectful than faking it. And if you are going to fake it, at least be original Jane.Toronto-open-house
  • Sellers: I know, that you know, that I want your house to look it’s best for my open house. But please don’t take advantage of me. Yes, I will sweep the floor if it needs it. And yes, I once did clean up after an unfortunate poo/pee/vomit incident of one very unhappy cat (I’m talking about you Elliot, in case you’re reading this). But pleeease…help me make your home look it’s best! Underwear drying on chairs, dirty dishes in the sink and unmade beds- not cool! I’m your Realtor – not your maid.
  • Neighbours: It’s OK to be a curious neighbour. You don’t have to pretend that you’re looking for a house for a friend. You don’t have to pretend that your friends with the Sellers if you really aren’t. You don’t have to pretend that you’re thinking of selling when we both know you just moved in 6 months ago. The truth is, everybody wants to know what their house is worth, and checking out the competition on the street is one of the best ways to do that. Let alone it’s super fun to find out how that neighbour who lets the dog out in his PJ’s really lives.
  • Open House Signs: One of the lousiest parts of our jobs is putting up open house signs, and of course, remembering where we left those signs 4 hours later. The signs inevitably scratch up our (leased) cars (usually BMW’s). And let’s not forget the wind tunnels all over downtown T.O. that blow our signs into the busy streets only to be repeatedly run over. And a special thanks to the pedestrians who regularly knock over our signs – we know that’s you Property Guys!
If you like going to open houses, make sure to check what’s open with our Toronto Open House listings.


I will sell this house today!!
Classic scene from American Beauty. 

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