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Life has changed.

By now, most of us have gotten used to life inside our homes and have established some sort of daily routine (no judgement from us if you’re still in your plaid PJ bottoms at 1 pm, or in our case our BREL onesies – baby steps!)

If you’re looking for some motivation or new things to try within your 4 walls, then this blog is for you.

In this month’s edition of adhering to our mantra of doing what we do best and outsourcing insourcing the rest, here are 10 things to add to your schedules.Insource-your-life-inside

Hit The Virtual Gym

PSA, you can still get a great workout in without physically being inside a gym! Whether you fancy strength training or good old fashioned cardio, your own two feet and bodyweight can take you there! If you are wanting an extra push, household objects such as laundry detergent, wine bottles, soup cans, and your furry friends can be your new weights! Tons of Toronto gyms such as Goodlife, Elle Fitness, Barrys Bootcamp, Sweat and Tonic, SAANA Yoga, etc are offering free virtual classes to hold you accountable!

Order Food & Drinks

Canada Takeout Day is now every Wednesday. The movement to support local has even expanded to alcoholic beverages. Now on your favourite delivery apps, you can add beer and wine to your order! Also, be sure to check out our recent blog on our favourite local spots in Toronto.

The Virtual Hangout

That’s right, friends and family can be insourced too…through your computer screen! Platforms such as Zoom and Houseparty have become the new hangout spot. Try hosting a virtual dinner party, book club, cocktail hour, game night, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Pick Up a New Hobby

What better time to learn something new? There are a ton of fun, interactive virtual learning sessions being offered on a daily basis. Here are a few of our favs:

Cook with Massimo Bottura, the master chef behind the three Michelin-starred restaurants! He hosts an Instagram live every night covering dishes from osso buco to burgers.

Bake with Christina Tosi, owner of the bakery chain Milk Bar. She hosts her own “Baking Club,” an Instagram Live series in which she shares an ingredient list one night and then leads a class using those ingredients at 2 p.m

Virtual Training Classes for your furry friends! The Toronto Humane Society is offering new dog and cat virtual training classes and consultations. 

Looking for kid’s activities? Check out our blog here.

Re-arrange your furniture! Check out our tips here.

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