Are you a licensed REALTOR with experience being awesome? We’re on the hunt for a kick-ass Real Estate Agent to join the BREL team.

Over the last 10 years, the BREL team has grown to be one of the top real estate teams in central Toronto, providing killer service to Buyers and Sellers who expect more from their real estate experience. We’re looking for an experienced agent to help us reach our goal of $150 million in sales in 2018.

If you’re not as busy as you’d like to be and are psyched at the idea of working with Buyers and Sellers in a fast-paced environment and earning a solid six-figure income with minimal expenses, read on.

Are You BREL Material?

You know you’re a BREL if you…

  • Have at least 2 years real estate experience and have completed 12+ buy/sell transactions
  • Live and work in Central Toronto
  • Are quick to respond and take action. You don’t have unread messages in your inbox or the red dot on your iPhone.
  • Have a flexible schedule – evenings, late nights and weekends are standard. The idea of a 17-hour day doesn’t faze you.
  • Are obsessed with details and paperwork. You care if the signatures are in the right place.
  • Always do what you say you’ll do. Always.
  • Say yes before you say no. You live and breathe customer service. Meeting expectations is your standard – wowing clients is your goal.
  • Have been accused of over-communicating…that’s a good thing here.
  • Are honest. You’re authentically you. You don’t BS.
  • Work hard but like to have fun too. You won’t be offended by the arcade machine and beer in our office, and you like hanging out with a bunch of real estate nerds.
  • Are at least moderately tech-savvy and open to learning – ideally, you’re already mobile and paperless(ish).

Why work for the BREL team?

  • The BREL brand and reputation is powerful – and our marketing rocks. We’ve invested heavily in creating a unique brand in the Toronto real estate marketplace. With over 75,000 website visitors a month, targeted email and traditional marketing campaigns and 15,000+ social media fans, we know our message is resonating with the kinds of Buyers and Sellers we want to work with.
  • We have a proven and predictable 24/7 flow of qualified leads. And you’ll never have to cold-call or door-knock. We promise. We know how to generate high-quality leads, and we know how to close them. It isn’t easy – we hustle every day. But it beats doing stuff we hate to do.
  • BREL HQWe’ll help you build your own business too. Through bespoke one-on-one coaching and business planning, co-branded marketing and frequent training, we’ll help you grow to be the agent you want to be.
  • Our tools, systems, and processes are second-to-none. We promise they’ll free up your time to focus on what’s important to you (whether that’s doing more business or just enjoying your life.) We’ve got all the important bases covered: CRM, paperless transactions, cloud-based file management, buyer/seller/investor tools and templates, defined Buyer and Seller experiences and more. These aren’t just buzzwords to us – we live and teach technology and systems every day.
  • BREL World-Domination HQ Our team office in the Junction is a reflection of who we are. The instant someone walks into it, they know we don’t do real estate like everybody else.
  • We’ve got killer admin and staging staff (and our very own staging warehouse and truck) You’ll wonder how you ever lived without our Administrator/Marketing Coordinator’s help, and our full-time staging team will allow you to offer true FULL-service real estate (at no cost to you).
  • We’re a team, so that means you’re never alone. Real estate is a lonely business. Sometimes it’s nice to have a second opinion or have someone to vent to. And it’s nice to go away on vacation and not have to worry that your clients aren’t getting the same service you’d give them if you weren’t lying on a beach. We’ve got each other’s backs.

Who Doesn’t Fit With Our Team

  • Door knockers. Cold callers. People who think cheesy and intrusive marketing tactics are necessary to build a successful real estate business.
  • Small thinkers. People who are more worried about splits than the big-picture and their overall earning potential.
  • High-pressure Salespeople. It’s just not our thing.
  • People who want to work independently and do their own thing. We’re a Team with a Capital T. People who succeed with us want to be part of building something bigger and want to help each other along the way.

“SOUNDS AWESOME! I’m awesome too. What should I do now?”

Send us a note, an updated resume and tell us why you want to work for the BREL team.

Note: Don’t call or stalk us. Part of who we are as REALTORS involves respecting our clients’ inboxes and communicating with them the way THEY want to be communicated with. The first step to showing us you can do that…is by doing it with us!


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