Sellers: I just don’t get it. You’re selling the biggest asset you probably own, yet you’re OK with your house being presented to potential Buyers like this. Do you really think photos like this bring in top dollar?

The living room...after too much tequila.
Cat's-eye view.
I can't even....is that what I think it is?
Teddy bear and shopping bag included.
Now just tilt your head a little to the right...
It's called Photoshop. You don't have to be in the photo.
But it does have 2 bathrooms at least...
Can't you just see your kids here?
Staged for your pleasure.
Show and sell.
Extra storage in the bedroom
Bright and sunny home just waiting for your special touch.
Exorcism optional.
It was a foggy, foggy night...
Now just move your finger slightly to the right and you have a WINNER!
Crop already! Or ask the person to move!
Expansive living room - stool included!
Might we suggest a quick declutter before photos?
Um, yea.
Extremely helpful photo of the living room
Why? Just why?
Same kitchen, different angle.
Nice dog though.
Bear included.
The stairs leading to the dead body room...
Great curb appeal
Guess it was too much work to remove the cleaning supplies.
There is a function that lets you crop pictures you know.
And on TV tonight, we have...
Blur much?
Is the photographer hanging from the ceiling? Why is the photo so small?
Features a garage.
Might be a good idea to hire a photographer next time.
White balance anyone?
Clearly one of the highlights.
A picture tells a thousand words.
92% of buyers find their home online. I'm guessing they looked past this one.
Really? That's the best shot of this room you could get?
Corners like no other in this beauty.
Curtains excluded from the sale.
Well cats do own the internet...
Artistic tequila setting in case you're not sure what to do while looking at that view.

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