brel assistantThink of this job as part Executive Assistant* and part Client Concierge*.


  • Obsessed with details
  • Committed to white glove service, no matter the task
  • Experienced as an Executive or Personal Assistant
  • Committed to wowing our clients before, during and after the buying and selling experiences
  • Organized: you have spreadsheets for your spreadsheets
  • Fascinated by the real estate industry, but your goal is NOT to become an agent
  • Well written and spoken
  • Able to anticipate what needs to happen before we even know it
  • Aren’t afraid of technology: if you don’t already own an iPad or an iPhone, you desperately want one (we won’t judge if you use a PC)
  • Have access to a car

What you’ll do:

  • Manage our paperwork, our admin, our finances, and our databases
  • Assist with our marketing and social media activities
  • Provide concierge-like services to our clients (and yea, that might mean waiting for 4 hours for the cable guy)
  • Errands: from dropping off legal paperwork to picking up our dry cleaning

You know you aren’t a BREL if…

  • You take yourself too seriously – we work really hard but we like to have fun too
  • You don’t have a flexible schedule
  • You don’t wake up every day wondering how you can be more awesome than you were yesterday
  • You don’t like dogs (or at minimum, can’t tolerate us talking about ours)

Intrigued? Send us your resume and tell us why you think you’d make a kick-ass BREL assistant.  



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