So we’ve entered new territory in the condo market. Demand and prices have gone bananas. It’s literally happening all over the city: A condo listed at $299,900 sold for $476,000 in the Junction Triangle. There were 36 offers. Yes, 36. A condo listed on the Etobicoke Lakeshore was listed at $359,000 and sold for $441,000. […]

Welcome to Part 3 of our Seller Edition of What to Expect on Offer Night. [Related: Normal Offers with Negotiation and Bidding Wars.] Despite your best-laid plans, it’s possible that a Buyer will try to circumvent your ‘offer night’ by making a preemptive offer (also known as a bully offer). Bully Buyers are trying to […]

In Part 2 of What to Expect on Offer Night (for Sellers), we’re going to be looking at bidding wars. In a hot real estate market, bidding wars are common. They usually arise in 2 different ways: The manufactured or intentional bidding war, when you set a price to attract attention (usually artificially low) and […]

In Toronto, we usually encounter three different types of offers: “Normal” offers where the Buyer and Seller have the opportunity to negotiate; Multiple offers or bidding wars, where multiple Buyers are making offers on a house at the same time Bully offers, where a Buyer attempts to circumvent a bidding war by making a preemptive […]

Note: I’m not a lawyer, and this shouldn’t be construed as legal advice. Think of this blog as general information and get a legal opinion if you need it. What’s a deposit in real estate? A deposit is paid by a Buyer on the successful agreement of the purchase/sale of a home, and forms part […]

We meet with a lot of Sellers and we often see the same commonly held beliefs that are just plain wrong. Here are some six myths about selling your home. Myth #1: Pricing High Will Result in a Higher Price Sorry folks, but this strategy rarely works in Toronto’s current real estate market. Here’s Why: […]

We have more dogs and cats than people on the BREL team. We love our pets..and we love yours too. When it comes to selling your home with pets, though, remember that: Not everybody likes pets in the house; Some people will outright avoid houses with pets; Not everybody wants to see, smell or hear your […]

With 44,000+ agents in Toronto, everybody knows somebody who works in real estate. I read somewhere that the average person knows seven real estate agents (but can only name 2 of them, LOL). There can be some real advantages to working with a friend when buying or selling a home: They already know you and […]

When a Seller chooses to sell their home with the BREL team, they get complimentary staging.  We have two full-time Stagers on staff and a Rolodex of handymen, gardeners, painters, electricians,  plumbers, movers and more, to help. We also have an ever-increasing warehouse full of staging furniture and accessories to enhance what you already own […]

Every year, I write a blog predicting what I think will happen in the new year. We have more question marks and uncertainty right now than ever before, but I’m going to predict more of the same with a few twists along the way: Interest rates continue to rise. The government continues to intervene. And […]