#1: Leave the House Despite how tempting it is to want to “help” your sale by being home while Buyers tour your property, it’s actually really uncomfortable for the Buyers if you’re present. Nobody wants to see you making dinner, smell your clothes being laundered or have to awkwardly walk around your teenage son who’s napping […]

Our 2 Cents… Staging=Better Photos=More Buyers You know how you love browsing the internet looking at properties for sale? You’re not alone. We’ve built our whole business model around the fact that people shop online for a home. Today’s Buyer has come to expect the polish they see on TV – we call it the HGTV […]

Last week, we moved into our new staging warehouse on Evans Avenue. With 3,000 sqft of space and 20-foot ceilings, it’s got plenty of room for all our furniture, art and accessories. Here’s a peek inside before and during the move! If you’re looking to sell your Toronto home and love the idea of full […]

Talking about real estate has long been Toronto’s favourite pasttime…but as the spring 2017 market gets into full swing, the conversations have taken on a new tone. The 2017 real estate stats are mind-boggling: Prices for March are up 33.2% since March 2016. The average detached house in Toronto now costs almost $1.6 million. The […]

So you may have noticed that the blog has been pretty quiet these last few weeks…our team has been round-the-clock busy helping a ton of Toronto Sellers prep, stage and market their homes for sale.  Read on to see this week’s listings. Bonus: get a sneak peek at some houses and condos that’ll be available […]

I know. It seems that in a hot real estate market like Toronto’s, anybody can just slap a ‘for sale’ sign on their lawn and sell their own house. Today, I want to look at what’s really involved in selling your own house. Make sure to read through to the end of the article…my most […]

Depending on who your real estate agent is and how much you like or dislike them, this is either a How-To or a What-Not-To-Do…. Refuse showings. The truth is showings that get refused rarely get rescheduled. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a serious Buyer will reschedule – they often don’t. Selling your home is […]

So we’ve entered new territory in the condo market. Demand and prices have gone bananas. It’s literally happening all over the city: A condo listed at $299,900 sold for $476,000 in the Junction Triangle. There were 36 offers. Yes, 36. A condo listed on the Etobicoke Lakeshore was listed at $359,000 and sold for $441,000. […]

Welcome to Part 3 of our Seller Edition of What to Expect on Offer Night. [Related: Normal Offers with Negotiation and Bidding Wars.] Despite your best-laid plans, it’s possible that a Buyer will try to circumvent your ‘offer night’ by making a preemptive offer (also known as a bully offer). Bully Buyers are trying to […]