We have more dogs and cats than people on the BREL team. We love our pets..and we love yours too. When it comes to selling your home with pets, though, remember that: Not everybody likes pets in the house; Some people will outright avoid houses with pets; Not everybody wants to see, smell or hear your […]

With 44,000+ agents in Toronto, everybody knows somebody who works in real estate. I read somewhere that the average person knows seven real estate agents (but can only name 2 of them, LOL). There can be some real advantages to working with a friend when buying or selling a home: They already know you and […]

When a Seller chooses to sell their home with the BREL team, they get complimentary staging.  We have two full-time Stagers on staff and a Rolodex of handymen, gardeners, painters, electricians,  plumbers, movers and more, to help. We also have an ever-increasing warehouse full of staging furniture and accessories to enhance what you already own […]

Every year, I write a blog predicting what I think will happen in the new year. We have more question marks and uncertainty right now than ever before, but I’m going to predict more of the same with a few twists along the way: Interest rates continue to rise. The government continues to intervene. And […]

This story needs to be told. It’s not pretty. I am (once again) ashamed to be part of an industry that conducts itself in this manner.  CBC’s Marketplace will be airing a story tonight (November 4th, 2016), where they will be sharing the results of their undercover investigation into real estate practices, specific to rigged […]

With 44,000+ real estate agents in Toronto, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing one to help you sell your home. The good news: real estate agents are in the marketing and sales business – so how they market and sell themselves gives you a pretty good idea about the kind of marketing and results […]

Here we go again! September is one of our favourite times of the year – not just because of the still-nice-but-cooling weather, but because it signals the return of Toronto’s HOT fall real estate market. Here’s what we expect to see over the next few months: 1. More Inventory! It’s been a painful summer for […]

A few times a year, we see a Toronto house get listed for $1. The media inevitably picks up the story and our phones start to ring. But is the $1 listing a good idea? Truth: the $1 listing price strategy is usually a (desperate) attempt by a Seller/their REALTOR to sell a house when […]

If you’ve noticed the blog has been quiet these last couple of weeks, there’s a good reason for that: it’s pure madness out there. Before I get into my latest observations, I wanted to share this video. This is what it feels like to be a Buyer in Toronto right now: The Year of the Bully […]