It’s June 2017 and you’ve decided to list your house or condo for sale. Or maybe you listed it for sale in May and have been languishing on the market for the past few weeks. Truth: Toronto’s real estate market has shifted. There are a lot more houses for sale than usual, and Buyers are […]

Since the Ontario Fair Housing Plan was announced almost two months ago, we’ve been witnessing a change in Toronto’s real estate market. On the heels of months of low inventory, ridiculous bidding wars, and double-digit price appreciation, the market has begun to shift. There are more properties for sale…things are taking longer to sell….and many […]

Those of us entrenched in Toronto’s real estate market every day were unsurprised by the May 2017 real estate statistics released today – we’ve been feeling a shifting market for weeks now. Here’s the story the numbers tell:  Number of Sales   There were 10,195 sales reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board in May […]

Today’s blog is courtesy of one of our favourite mortgage brokers, Mortgage Jake – May 19, 2017 Unfortunately, during these past few weeks, an increasing number of people are finding themselves in a very undesirable position: they bought a house at the peak of the market, and now that the market has shifted, they’re having a hard time […]

#1: Leave the House Despite how tempting it is to want to “help” your sale by being home while Buyers tour your property, it’s actually really uncomfortable for the Buyers if you’re present. Nobody wants to see you making dinner, smell your clothes being laundered or have to awkwardly walk around your teenage son who’s napping […]

Our 2 Cents… Staging=Better Photos=More Buyers You know how you love browsing the internet looking at properties for sale? You’re not alone. We’ve built our whole business model around the fact that people shop online for a home. Today’s Buyer has come to expect the polish they see on TV – we call it the HGTV […]

Last week, we moved into our new staging warehouse on Evans Avenue. With 3,000 sqft of space and 20-foot ceilings, it’s got plenty of room for all our furniture, art and accessories. Here’s a peek inside before and during the move! If you’re looking to sell your Toronto home and love the idea of full […]