Note: I’m not a lawyer, and this shouldn’t be construed as legal advice. Think of this blog as general information and get a legal opinion if you need it. What’s a deposit in real estate? A deposit is paid by a Buyer on the successful agreement of the purchase/sale of a home, and forms part […]

Depending on who your real estate agent is and how much you like or dislike them, this is either a How-To or a What-Not-To-Do…. 12 Ways to Annoy Your Real Estate Agent While touring properties, wear shoes that take 5 minutes to take on and off. We’re big fans of velcro (and isn’t that a […]

When you’re a Buyer in a hot real estate market like Toronto, there aren’t a lot of “deals” to be found.The market is smart and prices quite naturally adjust up or down based on supply and demand. [Related: The Market is Smarter Than You] But if you’ve got your heart set on finding a “deal”, […]

I know, it’s December, so this blog post probably seems a little self-serving. But the truth of the matter is that December is an EXCELLENT time to buy a home. Here’s why. Historically, December is the second slowest month for real estate sales in Toronto (only January is slower). So while that means that there […]