If you’re in the market to buy a condo in Ontario, you’ll no doubt hear about the Status Certificate. Here’s what you need to know.  What’s a status certificate? A status certificate (sometimes referred to as an estoppel certificate) is a huge document that contains the financial and legal health of a condo corporation. It’s […]

Bidding wars aren’t just for houses anymore -they’ve become the norm for condos too. If you missed our blog earlier this week, read True Tales and Gossip: Condo Edition to understand what’s happening.  If you’re looking to buy a condo in Toronto, you’ll need to arm yourself with the knowledge – and wherewithal – to come out on […]

If you’re a Buyer looking to get into Toronto’s condo market, take notice: it’s time for some new strategies. In Short: Demand for good condos in good locations is outstripping supply in Toronto and that’s driving prices up…quickly. Condo Sellers are borrowing from the house Sellers playbook (read: setting themselves up to receive multiple offers). […]

I know, a blog about plumbing seems like a super boring subject, but Kitec plumbing is a big deal if you’re considering buying or selling a condo, townhouse or house built between 1995-2007. What is Kitec Piping? Kitec is a kind of plastic piping (for moving hot and cold water) that was commonly used in […]

Over the last few weeks, we’ve spotted a new trend in central Toronto’s condo market….bidding wars! Yea, you read that right…bidding wars for condos. It’s been years since we’ve seen that. In the last couple of weeks, we hosted 4 multiple offers on our condo listings: 3 offers on day 1 –  condo 2 offers […]

We’ve been meeting with a lot of new condo owners lately who have finally, after years of construction and delays, taken possession of their newly-built condominiums. It’s not uncommon for someone’s housing needs to change between the time they fall in love with a floor plan and actually take possession of the condo: what seemed like the […]

Have you been waiting to buy? We meet people every day trying to make the decision of whether to buy now or wait. With a seemingly never-ending stream of articles predicting the rise or fall of Toronto’s real estate market, it isn’t always easy to know when you should buy. Many factors influence a Buyer’s […]

Just a few short years ago, the short-term rental market in Toronto was booming. Smart investors (us included–read our original blog about it here) took to renting out their condos to tourists and business travellers, from a week to a few months at a time. Margins and cash were great (we were getting $3,000 a […]