The Toronto market is shifting, and for the first time in quite a few years, we actually saw a price decrease in May 2017 (vs April 2017). If you’re a frustrated Buyer, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. BUT….there are some really important things you need to know: We’re still in […]

You’ve likely heard by now, that the Toronto real estate market is shifting. And by shifting, I mean: more listings, fewer sales, and even some lower prices than we would have seen just a few short months ago. The Toronto Real Estate Board May 2017 statistics show: 49% increase in new listings in Toronto 20% […]

Those of us entrenched in Toronto’s real estate market every day were unsurprised by the May 2017 real estate statistics released today – we’ve been feeling a shifting market for weeks now. Here’s the story the numbers tell:  Number of Sales   There were 10,195 sales reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board in May […]

Today’s blog is courtesy of one of our favourite mortgage brokers, Mortgage Jake – May 19, 2017 Unfortunately, during these past few weeks, an increasing number of people are finding themselves in a very undesirable position: they bought a house at the peak of the market, and now that the market has shifted, they’re having a hard time […]

Talking about real estate has long been Toronto’s favourite pasttime…but as the spring 2017 market gets into full swing, the conversations have taken on a new tone. The 2017 real estate stats are mind-boggling: Prices for March are up 33.2% since March 2016. The average detached house in Toronto now costs almost $1.6 million. The […]

So you may have noticed that the blog has been pretty quiet these last few weeks…our team has been round-the-clock busy helping a ton of Toronto Sellers prep, stage and market their homes for sale.  Read on to see this week’s listings. Bonus: get a sneak peek at some houses and condos that’ll be available […]

  We’re not even in the thick of the ‘spring market’ yet and it’s madness out there. If you’re a Buyer right now, these are trying times – the worst I’ve seen in all of my years in real estate. And it’s not just house Buyers that are struggling anymore – the craziness has spilled […]