With 44,000+ agents in Toronto, everybody knows somebody who works in real estate. I read somewhere that the average person knows seven real estate agents (but can only name 2 of them, LOL). There can be some real advantages to working with a friend when buying or selling a home: They already know you and […]

Every year, I write a blog predicting what I think will happen in the new year. We have more question marks and uncertainty right now than ever before, but I’m going to predict more of the same with a few twists along the way: Interest rates continue to rise. The government continues to intervene. And […]

I know, it’s December, so this blog post probably seems a little self-serving. But the truth of the matter is that December is an EXCELLENT time to buy a home. Here’s why. Historically, December is the second slowest month for real estate sales in Toronto (only January is slower). So while that means that there […]

We’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from Americans looking to buy property in Canada. Some are investors looking to take advantage of the low Canadian dollar when buying with US dollars, while others are hoping to move to Canada to escape the current political climate (sorry about that….) The process of buying real estate […]

This story needs to be told. It’s not pretty. I am (once again) ashamed to be part of an industry that conducts itself in this manner.  CBC’s Marketplace will be airing a story tonight (November 4th, 2016), where they will be sharing the results of their undercover investigation into real estate practices, specific to rigged […]

If you’re a Buyer looking to get into Toronto’s condo market, take notice: it’s time for some new strategies. In Short: Demand for good condos in good locations is outstripping supply in Toronto and that’s driving prices up…quickly. Condo Sellers are borrowing from the house Sellers playbook (read: setting themselves up to receive multiple offers). […]

Here’s some insider scoop you may not know: the Sellers may be watching you in their home! These days, it’s not uncommon for Sellers to install cameras and record the potential Buyers and agents who see their home. It’s perfectly legal for them to do so (it is, after all, their home) – but it […]

The Toronto market is not kind to Buyers these days, and getting a house – let alone getting the house you want – isn’t easy. Here are our time-tested and BREL-approved strategies: Be Ready: the Bidding War Chances are, you’re going to find yourself in a bidding war. That’s just reality if you’re looking for a […]

I don’t think anyone disputes that the Toronto and Vancouver real estate markets have been crazy these past few years and there’s a lot of speculation about government intervention to slow things down to a more manageable pace. Today, we’re sharing with you what we’ve been hearing and what you can do about it if […]

Nobody likes to compromise, but it’s a reality of Toronto’s real estate market right now. At some point in your house search, you’ll likely recognize that you need to compromise on one of the following: Location Style Size Price Consider the following compromises – they’ll open up a world of new housing opportunities: Consider a […]