With over 40,000 agents to choose from in the GTA, why do so many people choose to buy their next home with the BREL team?

We know the Toronto real estate market inside and out. Is it a good time to buy? What’s the next hot neighbourhood? Is that a good investment? We know the market and we’re not afraid to speak the truth.

We have experience. As a team, we’ve represented hundreds of Toronto Buyers. Because we work with Sellers too, we know what they’re thinking (and it never hurts to know what the other side is thinking).

We’re hard-ass negotiators and bidding war strategists. When it comes to navigating Toronto’s real estate market, we know how to negotiate the best price. And when we find ourselves in a bidding war? We’ve got proven strategies that get our Buyers the home they want.

We work as a Team. As a team, we have multiple skill sets, multiple styles and multiple schedules – we’ll match you with the right agent who can get you what you want. No matter what, we always have the time and answers you need. We make sure our Buyers don’t buy the wrong house. We’re not afraid to explore dark corners and scary basements, and we know what separates a good house from a bad one. Our job is to protect our clients’ interests above all else.

We help our Buyers with more than finding the right property. We know how stressful buying and moving can be and we do everything we can to help. We have a full-time concierge for our clients and preferred relationships with lenders, lawyers, handymen, painters, electricians and more.

BREL Tools and Resources. Our tools and resources help our Buyers understand what’s involved in buying and owning a home, from the real costs of homeownership to complex legal issues. We give straight answers to straight questions (with room for a little fun). We’re easy to reach and quick to respond. We text, we chat, we email, we Facebook – and we talk on the phone too.

We get it! We’re homeowners. We live where we work. We hate BS and high-pressure sales tactics too. Most of our clients think outside the box and have no interest in living in one (a condo box, that is). We cater to professionals who appreciate the style and character of industrial lofts, unique condos and classic Toronto homes. We are unashamedly geeky when it comes to using technology in real estate and are virtually paperless.

We strive to be the agents our Buyers deserve – and we believe our Buyers deserve the very best.

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