We regularly get the opportunity to share our opinions and knowledge with the media. Here are some of the articles, and programs, we’ve appeared in!

Global News: http://globalnews.ca/news/3728181/rent-toronto-vancouver-bidding-wars/

Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/05/18/housing-news-canada_n_16688266.html

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OREA: https://www.orea.com/Members/EDGE-Newsletters/2017/May/Real-estate-teams-are-they-right-for-you (April 2017)

BNN: Renovations: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck (March 2017)

CBC: This Might Just Be One of the Last Remaining Affordable Areas To Buy a Home In (November 2016)

Globe & Mail: Desperation Drives Some Buyers To Gamble on Fixer Upper (October 2016)

Metro: Rental Bidding Wars Heating Up in Toronto’s Hot Market (September 2016)

Toronto Life: How a Stager Transformed This Tiny East-End Bungalow (July 2016)

Boston Globe: If (insert candidate name) Gets Elected, I’m Moving to Canada (July 2016)

Globe & Mail: How Tenants Can Pay Your Mortgage (May 2016)

Toronto Star: To Get a Prime Payoff, Renovate Strategically (April 2016)

Yahoo News: 130 Year Old Mansion Listed for $1 in Toronto (March 2016)

Yahoo News: Knowing When to Sell Your Home (March 2016)

Moneysense: What Buyers Can Learn About the Urbancorp Collapse (May 2016)

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Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine: Should There Be a Flood Registry?  (2014)

Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine: Are Landlords To Blame for Tenant Financial Woes? (October 2013)

Ratehub: Starter Homes in Toronto (April 2013)

NPR: Canada’s Housing Market Booms; Experts See Trouble (May 2012)

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